The holocaust


The Nazi

The nazi is a german polital party that follows hitlet who eliminated all non germans. Nazi stands for Natonal soccialist german worker party. the factors that contributed to the rise of the nazis and hitler were that he was an advisor,he was leader of the nation and a dictaror,he took all civil rights from everyone,he had over 3 million soldiers and he took over countries.The "SS"are or were the nazis trubes making sure everything was over control.The nazis tried a lot of ways to control the public opinion like,they started to use technology to make news papers they would use persuassed speeches, they would use poster to show that the Jews are or were bad,they would have parades and they would mark up the bussines that were own by the jewls.The nazis would make the german people not buy from anyone that were jews.They wouldn say that if any german bought something from a jew they would be considered a trader.The jews werent allowed to go eat at any restaurant that didnt belong to them because they werent the same.The holocaust ment The killing of the jews and other population by the nazis and contributes during world war 2.The people that were killed in the holocaust were the jews and other populatins that were non germans.