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concrete cities that cost you

Runoff Water Pollutes!

Los Angeles is one of the many cities that traps soil underneath the surface of the asphalt. Los Angeles is 2/3 paved. This makes it impossible for the soil to absorb any water from rain. Instead of being absurd, water runs off into the ocean and converts freshwater to saltwater rather than absorbing in the soil. The water runoff pollutes the water. It also costs America billions of dollars a year.

Storm water can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants and when it runs off into the ocean it pollutes it. A way to help this is to stop littering.

The main ways that pollution can negatively effect us are through sediment, excess nutrients, bacteria, debris, and hazardous household wastes. These things can get in the excess rain water and pollute.

How Pollution Effects The Environment:

Pollution poisons water and causes dead zones. All living things need clean water to survive. Humans and animals need clean water to drink and sea animals need clean water to live in. Contaminated water can potentially kill you. Also if we don't have clean water, farmers can't grow good crops, and there will be no livestock.


1. What are some of the things that can pollute the water before it runs off?

2. What's the best way to prevent oceanic pollution from cities?