The Road to Rhode Island

By: Roger Williams

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Reviews by Other English Settlers:

"This book did a great job of pointing out the high level of heracy commited by Roger WIlliams by separating governent and religion. In order to create a City on a Hill, you must keep those things together."

~John WInthrop

"This book was amazing! It truly shows the importance of the separation of religion and government and also the importance of how our religion is interpreted."

~Anne Hutchinson

"Great book! Really proves a point about government and religion being two entirely different things. It also shows how difficult it is to be the leader of a settlement."

~Thomas Hooker

"This book did a fantastic job portraying the courage it takes to speak out about a religion being wrong. Although I don't agree with his stance on government and religion, I congratulate Roger Williams on his bravery."

~William Bradford