Intro to Psychology questions


On the slide - types of psychology: what is the connection being made between research and applied psychology?

Make an educated guess why you think most psychologists work in college or university settings

If you were a concerned parent about the psychological development of your child … which type of psychology would you turn to?

Who made the first link between animal and human behavior?

Why do you think Wundt became the “father of psychology”?

Why do you think the iceberg is used to explain Freud’s theories?

According to Pavlov , what determines our behavior?

How does B.F. Skinner view behavior?

What is meant that behavior is hard wired into us under the neurobiological approach?

What looks like the main difference between the female and males brains?

What key word describes the behavioral approach?

Why do you think the humanistic approach is considered the most positive approach?

What controls most of our behavior according to the psychoanalytic approach?

What determines our thoughts and feelings under the cognitive approach?

Give one example under the socio-cultural approach on how YOU think society influences our behavior

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Time for another personality quiz- this one is targeting a specific aspect of your personality. Type in the number of "A" 's on the assignment - the more A's the more extroverted and outgoing you are ,,,, the less A's - the more introverted ... you like to exist inside your own head !!
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How much free will do you think you have ? Do your behaviors throughout the day reflect a choice on your part or are they a result of external forces that you can't control? List 10 different behaviors you have performed in the last 24 hours. Indicate which ones you think you engage in out of free will and indicate why you think so. An example of behavioral psychology and the argument over free will - you chose to wash your hair today and you indicated that was free will on your part, but a behavioral psychologist might argue that you washed your hair because there were times in your life that you were praised for washing your hair .... hence ... not exactly free will !!
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Dolphin Training

Using a minimum of 3-5 sentences ... indicate how you feel dolphin behavior reflects our understanding of human behavior. What branch of psychology do you think would study the dolphins?
SeaWorld San Diego, interview with a dolphin trainer - Sophie Gayot of GAYOT.com
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class reunion

Class Reunion

Mr Brady’s class is holding a class reunion. This reunion will mark the tenth anniversary of the graduation of this class. The reunion is a chance for members to gather after ten years to talk about how they have changed, grown, and survived after high school.

In order to prepare for the Reunion News , please complete the following questionnaire.


Are you married? How long?

How many children do you have? How many do you want?

What is your occupation? What is your annual salary?

Describe the important personal relationships in your life?

What role do your parents play in your life?

What do you value most that your parents have taught you?

What is your financial situation?

Are you currently in love?

Has anyone you loved died yet?

Are you dedicated to any "cause"?

Do you have a mentor? Who was your mentor in high school?

Where do you live? Describe the living arrangement.

Do you attend any place of worship?

What do you do for recreation and excitement?

Complete the following:

My hope for the future is :

The three most important things that have happened since high school are :

What I miss most about the "good old days" is :

When I die, I hope they say of me :