Hazelwood to Home

October 20, 2021

From Mrs. Lee

Hazelwood Families,

We are truly enjoying seeing your students learning in person each day. Students are working hard to social distance themselves and keep their masks on. They are learning more and more each day and growing together as a community. We are so proud of each student for doing their best at school and we are grateful to you for your partnership.

COVID Guidelines: The safety guidelines change periodically. Please see our health section below with the latest flowchart that explains which symptoms require COVID testing in order to return to school. Keep in mind that students who are considered close contacts with exposure outside of school need to quarantine the full 14 days after initial exposure. We have empathy for how difficult it can be to take time away from work to get a child tested before they can return to school. Thank you for your continued flexibility and grace as we work to abide by the Snohomish Department of Health's guidelines.

Caregiver/Family Conferences With Teachers Next Week: Teachers look forward to sharing your child's academic, social, and emotional progress this year during fall conferences. Please note that we have early dismissal at 12:20 next week so that we can meet with families in the afternoons. If you have not scheduled a time to meet, please contact your child's teacher as soon as possible.

Trunk or Treat: This PTA sponsored event will take place on Friday, October 29th. This will be a fun family event held at Hazelwood from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Thank you PTA!

No School This Friday, October 22nd

Early Dismissal 12:20 October 25th-29th

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From The Library: Ms. Whicker

¿Sabías que la Biblioteca Hazelwood tiene libros en español? Haga clic en este enlace para ver los títulos que tenemos. Libros en español ¡Usted y su familia pueden sacar estos libros para leer juntos en casa! Elija libros con su hijo, luego, en el día de la biblioteca de la clase, podemos sacarlos para llevarlos a casa hasta la próxima semana.

Did you know the Hazelwood Library has books in Spanish? Click on this link to see the titles we have. Libros en espanol You and your family can check these books out to read at home together! Choose books with your child, then on the class Library day, we can check them out to bring home until the next week.

Bullying Prevention

At Hazelwood, we pride ourselves in fostering strong adult connections with students in order to increase a child's bond to our school. This results in a happy, healthy learning environment in which students feel safe and ready to learn. October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying is a word that gets used a lot to describe unwanted behavior, so I've pulled the following information to guide us as we address this issue together as a learning community.

According to stopbullying.gov, bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. In order for the behavior to be considered bullying, the behavior must be aggressive and include:

  • An Imbalance of Power: Kids who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations, even if they involve the same people.

  • Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.

Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. If your student is a target of bullies, here is a list of things you can advise and encourage your child to do:

1. Talk to parents or an adult he or she can trust, such as a teacher, school counselor, or principal. Confiding in a trusted adult can help develop a plan to end the bullying and provide your child with the support your child needs. If the first adult your child approaches is not receptive, find another adult who will offer support and help.

2. It's not useful for your child to blame his or her own self for a bully's actions. Do not encourage your child to retaliate against a bully or let the bully see how much he or she is upsetting one’s self. If bullies know they are getting to their target, they are likely to torment even further. If at all possible, encourage your child to stay calm and respond evenly and firmly or else say nothing and walk away.

3. Act confident. Model to your child how to hold one’s head up, stand up straight, make eye contact, and walk confidently. A bully will be less likely to single out your child if your child projects self-confidence.

4. Try to make friends with other students. A bully is more likely to leave another student alone if they are with friends.

5. Avoid situations where bullying can happen. If at all possible, avoid being alone with bullies, have your child avoid areas that are isolated or unsupervised by adults, and stick with friends as much as possible.

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From Our Music Teacher: Ms. Moyer

Greetings Hazelwood Families,

Good news-- We just got a shipment of "singing masks" which means we can safely sing in Music now! Oh, how I've missed your students' sweet singing voices.

What we've done:

  • 3rd- 6th grade students enjoyed bucket drumming where they learned new rhythms (tikiatika), practiced being part of an ensemble, learned about unison and part playing, and participated in jam sessions (improvised group play).
  • 1st- 2nd grade has been all about cats! They learned to identify and play ta, tit and rest, practiced moving through time and space in catlike ways, and sang So-Mi solos outside.
  • Kinders played steady beat and rhythm patterns on sticks, maracas, tambourines, woodblocks, cowbells, and coconut shells as they learned songs about farm animals.

What's to come:

  • After the conference week of Boomwhacker fun, 3rd-6th graders will start learning ukulele. Many have asked me if they can bring their ukulele from home. I tell them YES, if their grown-up approves. I have a space in the Music room where kids can store them during the day.
  • 1st and 2nd graders will get to participate in more classroom singing (now that we have our special masks!) as we continue our songs about FALL.
  • Kinders will learn number and alphabet songs as they play games, move, and sing.

No Running Club or Move 60 Next Week October 25th-29th

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From Mr. Boyce: Let's Get Running!

Hey Eagles ... It is time to start running, walking, and jogging before school ! We meet right outside of unit 1 across from the gym. We have already had a strong start with over 50 students completing laps and earning foot tokens. Students earn a token for every mile they complete (5 laps). Mr. Boyce and Mrs. Foltz have an EZ scan running card for every student at HW to use during running club to keep track of laps. , Happy Rock-tober!

*There will be no running club during conference week Oct 25-29

COVID Updates

Things are constantly changing in our world related to the COVID pandemic. At Hazelwood, we continue to use preventative measures by using safe distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands regularly. We have had some cases of exposure to COVID outside of our school and have had to quarantine some of our students during the first weeks of school. We thought it would be helpful to have some information so that you are aware of what is considered when decisions are made about quarantine. We are required to follow the Snohomish Department of Health guidance for quarantine.

Here are the symptoms to watch for:

  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Muscle or body aches
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Cough (new, changed, or worsening)
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat

Here is the flowchart that is used to help with quarantine decisions. School Return Flowchart

If you have questions about COVID symptoms or are trying to decide if you should send your student to school, our Health Para is available to answer your questions. Please contact Tammie Myers at myerst816@edmonds.wednet.edu or call her at 425-431-2670.

Upcoming Dates

October 22nd- No School- Staff Training/Conference Preparation

October 25th-29th Caregiver/Family and Teacher Conferences

October 29th- PTA: Trunk or Treat (6:00pm-8:00pm) Hazelwood Elementary

November 11th- No School- Veterans Day

November `12th- No School- Staff Training

November 24th-26th No School- Thanksgiving