Benjamin Sullivan American History

Revolutionary War

Boston Tea Party

The Boston tea party was a protest by the Sons of Liberty. It happened in Boston harbor December 16, 1773. The Sons of Liberty boarded a British vessel and dumped their teal into the harbor. The tea was worth over 40,000 Dollars. The result was that Boston was banned from trading by the British.

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was an exaggerated story in which people were told that British soldiers fired on innocent colonist without being provoked. The real truth was that it was a mob of colonist throwing snowballs, rocks, sticks, and other objects at British Soldiers. The soldiers became nervous and fired shots into the crowd killing several colonist. the first person killed was an African American named Crispus Attucks.

Different Factions in the Revolution

Everyone in the colonies did not want to break ties with Britain. There were three groups or factions of colonist. The factions were patriots, loyalist, and neutrals. The patriots only made up 33% of the colonist. The British had a large advantage because the colonies were undecided on whether to fight or not. Most of the loyalist were in the south.

The Battle of Lexington and Concord

The Battle was fought on April 19,1775. The battle was the first battle in the revolution.

British troops marched to seize a arms cash but, met colonial minutemen in Lexington. No one knows who fired the first shot but , 8 minutemen were killed in the ensuing British volley. The British retreated back to Boston but, as they retreated hundreds of minutemen shot at them. On the back to Boston they suffered over 200 casualties.

Battle of the Kings Mountain

The battle took place October 7,1780 near present day Kings Mountain south Carolina.

The battle was fought between Patriot Militia and Colonial Loyalist. The Patriots surrounded the Loyalist Militia and inflicted heavy Casualties on them. The Loyalist General named Patrick Ferguson attempted to break out of the encirclement but was fatally shot. The Patriot militia won and they gained a morale boost.

Benjamin Franklin Editorial

This American Revolution has taken a toll on all of us and we need to join as one nation. In my this war was necessary to ensure the freedom of our children and all who follow us. The French helped us win this war and have shown great support and we cannot be thankful enough. I will be going to Paris now to complete a treaty to allow the world to recognize us as a Independent Country.

George Washington

This war has taken the lives of many brave patriots but, for everyone that falls another one will follow in his footsteps to continue the fight for freedom. I'm saddened because of this war it has torn families and apart and turn them against one another. We must unite as a country and persevere through these hard times. The war will be over soon and when it is this country will be at peace. Once this war is over will lead this country.

Battle of Yorktown

The Battle Yorktown was the last major battle of the Revolutionary war. The British were surrounded and the Patriot General known as George Washington led siege to them. The British were led by General Cornwallis. The French were also involved and they were on the patriots side. The French navy blockaded the British so they could not escape and this forced them to surrender. This battle led to the eventual Treaty of Paris in 1783.