Women's Movement

By: Baylee R. Gladys V. Alyssa L.

Purpose/Goals of the Women's Movement


  • Women wanted the right to vote
  • Women wanted the same rights as men
  • Women just wanted equality and to have the same rights as men. They wanted to be able to go to college and have the freedom to learn. It wasn't truly much to ask but the men thought it was a huge deal. They didn't want women to have all those rights. Back then women were just supposed to take care of the house and the children. That's how the women's movement began, they took a stand for their rights.

How the movement made a long lasting effect

The Women's Suffrage Movement opened many more doors for the women of america and from then today the effect has lasted. The suffrage created higher expectations for women. Women had riots and eventually they won. Women had to fight for there rights while men didn't do anything. We were stronger because we fought. Meanwhile, men just wanted them to stay home and clean/cook. Really, while people consider men to be stronger, women are. This effects society today because now women have the same rights as men and we can go to school and even play football if we wanted. Most importantly, we can vote for whoever we want. The Women's Suffrage Movement also effected the world economically, it gave all women the right to get better educational opportunities and help them get professional careers. Also woman's salaries increased, but still not as much as the men earned. However, now we are equal. From then to today, women have stride for equality and because of us fighting we now have that.