*The Gaigo Festival*

- Möchten Sie die deutsche Küche essen? -

☆Deutsches Restaurant☆

Hello! Everyone! Our shop's name is "Yotte BITTE". "BITTE" means "please". Our shop serves seven kinds of dishes and beer. You can eat "Wurst", which is sausage in German, and beer. They are representative for Germany. In addition, you can enjoy tastes of Germany. Please come to our restaurant and enjoy eating dishes and beer!!

The Gaigo Festival

Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 10pm to Sunday, Nov. 24th, 6pm

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan

Fuchu, Tokyo

The Gaigo Festival is coming from November 20th to November 24th. This event starts at 10 o'clock and ends at 18 o'clock every day. However, you can order the dishes by 17:30. Our shop is in front of library!!