Christmas in New Zealand

By: Reccy Abilar and Ariana San Juan


In America, during the holidays we eat things such as turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and other things. Things are different in New Zealand. Their foods are very meat based with some exotic foods.

Pohutukawa - The Christmas Tree

This species of trees grows in places all over New Zealand. It can grow up to be 82 feet high and it grows out into a dome-like shape. The Pohutukawa (meterosideros excelsa) and its beautiful crimson red flowers have become apart of the Kiwi Christmas tradition. It is featured in many holiday songs, family Christmas cards, and in poems and stories.

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Christmas Day in New Zealand

Christmas in New Zealand isn't very different from Christmas in America. Like us, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It's a day for families to spend time with each other, exchange gifts, it gives people a chance to enjoy a meal together, and time to enjoy a Christmas service at church. Because Christmas is during the summer for New Zealanders, pools, beaches, and parks are the ideal places to host a party.
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