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Within the scope of X-LIBRIS Project, Hacettepe University Department of Information Management in cooperation with the Kadir Has University Library is organizing an International Shelfie Competition.

Selected shelfies, selfies in front of library shelves, will be exhibited at Kadir Has Information Center in Istanbul. The exhibition will open its doors on June 29, 2015.

We invite you to take part in this probably the first International shelfie competition. Anybody from around the world can participate.

How to participate

Make your shelfie in your library in the style you prefer. You are free to use Instagram filters. The most important of all is that, along with your photo send a message associated with your emotions towards your library. Upload it to Instagram by using #xlibrishelfie by May 15, 2015. Please also add the library name and the country with other hashtags. Be sure you account is not locked otheriwse we can't see your shelfie. You can send us your shelfie to:

What makes your submission eligible is not only the photo but also the message. Submissions will be evaluated by a team of experts. The number of hearts you get in Instagram for your photo will also be taken into consideration. Selected photos along with the messages will be displayed at the exibition.

Your emotion in your mother tongue

Yes that is what we want, your emotions in your language to get the real trueself.

Hurry up! Be a part of this unique experience. By the time you read this, people uploaded the first shelfies, don't lose your chance.
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What you win by uploading to Instagram your #xlibrishelfie

1. You will be a part of a unique experience pioneering a new way of promoting your library
2. Your photo along with your message will be printed in a digital book which you will receive a copy
3. Your creativity will be recognized
4. Network yourself with new colleagues from Libraries around the world
5. Your art work will be exhibited not only in Turkey but also in orher project partners’ countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, Spain and Lithuania and even maybe yours!
6. And it is free!

Where the exhibition is held

The modern and advanced Kadir Has Information Center in Istanbul
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