We're everything your average city-state is not!

Want to be free, and welcomed?

The city-state of Taylor features a democratic government, which means we highly favor equality of all people. All citizens are honored rights such as voting, ownership of property,freedom of speech, and the option of speaking for themselves in court. Although, once a certain age all people are required to take an oath pledging their loyalty to Taylor.

You're Safe With Us!

Taylor has one of strongest armies all throughout Greece. Just like Sparta, the men of Taylor are our walls. All throughout the border of our city-state we have men protecting, and ready for battle just in case! Although, Taylor has alliances with the other city-states of Greece so it is very unlikely for it to be attacked .Unlike other city-states, here our people aren't required to join the army. Although, if affordable as a child you are required to get an education because we want our people to be intelligent and triumphant in the future.

You Can Practice What You Want!

Although most of Taylor's people practices Christianity or Judaism, you are free to practice whatever religion you want. Everyone is guaranteed this right, as long as you don't force your beliefs on others.