Reading Menu

Week of April 4-8

Appetizer (You must do this one)

Do iReady Reading for 20 minutes. Set a timer.

Main Dishes (Do ALL)

1. Do the Text Evidence Color Code Activity and turn in to the Red Bin.

2. Read the "Achoo" passage and answer the questions carefully.

3. Read the "Venus Flytraps" poem and answer the questions carefully.

4. Read the "Venus" passage and answer the questions carefully.

5. Do the # 919 and complete the foldable about the text.

6. Do the Study Islands that I have assigned to you. Answer VERY carefully!

Side Dishes (Choose 2)

1. Study your vocabulary words at (20 minutes and screen shot your best score)

2. Read a book on and take a quiz. (Screen shot)

3. Create a Google Slides presentation about your Spring Break. Include 3 things that you did and include pictures. Send it to me when you finish it!

Dessert (Choose as many as you like!!) YUMMY! You must complete the rest of the menu first!

1. Read a book with a partner and do a book review on Photo Booth.

2. Study your Vocabulary words with a partner.

3. Do a Hot Dots card!