Friday, September 17th, 2021

Principal's Corner

Dear BFPP families,

I love that our program name highlights what is most important, Family Partnership. Thank you for being amazing partners. I wanted to take a couple minutes and bring forward a few sentiments of the BFPP culture and core values. From the beginning, we have invited families to join us on the journey of creating our program. We have used the phrase, "building the plane as we are flying it" to describe the sometimes messy process of developing BFPP. Each year we come with new hopes and dreams, not being satisfied with what was, and always striving for what could be. We dwell in the possibilities and push against status quo. That often means we are building from the ground up, with new blueprints, ever changing materials and evolving tools of efficiency.

We also fully embrace growth mindset and failing forward. Innovation calls for stepping into the unknown and taking risks. We are grasping for the gold rings, stretching for greatness which means that we sometimes make mistakes or fail. The greatest gains typically come from the greatest risks.

With the last few years and responding to COVID we have had many more opportunities to test these core values. In the greater community I am hearing give grace, be more flexible and live with the unknown. We sometimes look for the answers, predictable structures, and the comfort of the known. Schools are institutions that typically provide all three, we ask you to suspend those assumptions.

We don't always have the answers, but we will work toward them. We don't always have the solutions, but we are willing to find them. We don't always know what is next, but we are ready for it. We sincerely hope you are as excited to "build this plane as we are flying it" because this is the greatest journey and we wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. Thank you for giving grace, being flexible and living with the unknown.

In partnership with families enables us to do more together, wouldn't want it any other way! Let’s build this thing BFPP!


Reminder- No School Next Friday, September 24th

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COVID Protocols for In-Person Classes

  • Mask: Everyone wears masks while at school (even outdoor school), but it is ok to take a mask break while you are in class outside. Please keep your mask on your ears and pull it down over your chin for a break or put it on your wrist rather than laying it down someplace.

  • 3 Feet Distance: We will be maintaining 3 feet distance while outside when we are together. You can hold your arms out to the side and make sure you are not touching anyone else to make sure you are 3 feet apart.

  • Clean Hands: Washing hands frequently is important. Please wash your hands right before you come to class since we will be outside and won't have a sink to wash when you get here. Teachers will give everyone a pump of sanitizer when you arrive and before you go home. Maybe in the middle of class too!

  • Have Your Owns Snacks/Water: We will not be sharing food or drinks, so make sure you bring your own water bottle.

  • Stay Home If…: It is really, really important to stay home if you don't feel well even a little bit.

Volunteer Application for Parents

All parents remaining on site and/or inside during classes must complete the district volunteer application. This application includes uploading a copy of your driver's license and COVID vaccine card. Please contact your LPP with questions.

Laptop Distribution

If you have not received a laptop yet, please come during the designated times below to pick one up. This is when we have staff to support the hand off.

  1. Come to the gym area, wear a mask, stay socially distanced and be prepared to wait a few minutes. As we are expecting multiple families, please limit how many family members accompany you.
  2. You will need to stay and try to log in to ensure it works and the laptop needs to synch to the network before taking it home.

MIDDLE SCHOOLERS ONLY: We may need to reset passwords for middle schoolers, if they cannot remember their passwords from last year.

WHEN: September 20-23rd 9-10am Monday thru Thursday





WHERE: GYM AREA at Larrabee Building

Tuesday/Thursday Materials Pick Up

Materials pick up at BFPP is on Tuesdays from 9-10 am and Thursdays from 9-10 a.m. & 4-5 p.m.

You don't need to come each week. You will be contacted when you have materials to pick up. This may include library holds, school supplies, curriculum you've requested, or kits/supplies for remote classes. Thank you for your patience!

Our address is 1409 18th Street in the Larrabee building. We don’t have a parking lot to pull into, so please pull along side the south end of the building on Larrabee, then turn right on 18th street which runs along the front of the school. The parking strip is the staging area.

Stay in your cars! A staff member will come to you, retrieve the materials and bring them back to your car. Please be ready to let them know what you are picking up (such as curriculum, tech, school supplies or class kit).

Browse our Library Book Inventory Online

Students can log into Destiny to browse and request books from their Learning Plan Partner by email.

Here are the steps:

  1. From our Family Partnership Program website click on the Library tab
  2. Then Select Library Catalog
  3. Click on Login at the top right hand corner

If on a district issued laptop, you can log in with Bellingham Schools Office 365 on the left side of the screen (it will automatically log you in)

If on a personal device, you can still use Office 365 but will need to manually type in your EMAIL Address and Password (same as your laptop password)

OR you can us the FOLLETT sign in on the right using the District Issued USER/PASSWORD

  • District Issued USER: First 5 of Last name, first 3 of first name and 3 zero’s
    • For Peggy Gallegos it would be “GALLEPEG000”
  • PASS: First 3 of first name and birth date day
    • I was born November 22 so my pass would be “peg22”

The books will show a red “OUT” when NOT available or a green “IN” when they ARE available.

Once you have identified the books you would like, please email your Learning Plan Partner with the list.

Math Enrichment Opportunities

BFPP parent and math education enthusiast Rachel Throolin is once again organizing some great opportunities:

-MOEMS contests (Math Olympiad) for 4th-8th graders

-AMC-8 for up to grade 8

-MathCounts for middle schoolers

-potential outside math activities with a WWU professor

If your child is interested in any of the above, or you want to find out more, please contact Rachel to get on her email list!

New Club: Mythiclub

Have you ever wondered what tales were told hundreds of years ago? Look no further! Throughout the year, we will be researching and telling each other the fairytales of long ago, including the folklore of Japan, India, Greece, China, the Vikings, Britain, and more! The club will meet bi-weekly, on zoom for one hour. The first meeting is October 14th. We will then meet every second and fourth Thursday of the month.

Each week, a new culture’s tales will be read aloud with images shown, discussions held, and (optional) show and tell featuring drawings, books, anything relating to mythology. The maximum capacity will be 10 kids to start. RSVP if interested and you will receive a club folder with various fun mythic materials to be used at each meeting. Contact

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Family-Led Clubs

Student/Parent-driven clubs are a fun part of BFPP. Past clubs have included math club, Pokemon club, chess club, kindness club, and several others! Interested in starting a club? Spend some time thinking about the Topic, Purpose, and Format of your club. Then contact your LPP with your idea!

Kindergarten: Play is Hard Work!

Here's a Kindergarten phonics song incorporating sign language. This approach is kinesthetic, visual, auditory and singing all wrapped in one for FREE. If this leaves you and your learner wanting more, educator Nellie Edge has other wonderful, practical, and free resources.

Save the Date~ Thursday, Oct. 14th~ MOD Pizza fundraiser for BFPP

Mark your calendars - Thursday October 14th is BFPP Day at MOD Pizza in Barkley Village. MOD Pizza is donating 20% of sales to our program! You can eat in, get take out, or get delivery.

Visit MOD Pizza's online order website. Use the coupon code GR201111B and 20% of your meal’s price on 10/14 will be donated back to BFPP. If you're ordering in store, mention BFPP to get your purchase counted.

Art Classes at Pace Atelier

Pace Atelier Art Studio has a variety of classes available this fall. If your artist is looking for a small class size, the "Illuminists" class for 3rd-6th graders on Wednesdays from 1-2:30 currently has only two students.
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Bellingham Coding and Robotics Club

Bellingham Coding and Robotics Club is proud to now be offering classes specially tailored to Homeschoolers! We are offering two classes at the same time (for those busy parents with multiple children, we get you) Tuesdays from 1:45pm to 3pm.

The first class is our signature elementary school based coding, robotics and STEM. It balances screen time with hands-on activities including 3D printing, Makerspace, and basic robotics, in addition to our signature coding curriculum that can take any little coder where they want to be!

The second class is our Middle School Robotics Team! Our Robotics teams develop students’ math, engineering, coding, and of course team-building skills as they work to complete in fun challenges with the robots they design and build. The teams of 2 to 3 will then take their robots to compete in VEX competitions in the PNW and possibly beyond!

See our website for information and to sign up!

YMCA Trail Blazers

The Trail Blazers trail running program begins next week!

There is a convenient homeschool session on Tuesdays from 1:30-3pm, or choose from after school sessions (3:15-4:45pm) throughout the week. To register, visit

For more information contact Jen Gallant at 360-255-0517.

Upcoming Events at the Whatcom Museum


Saturday, September 18, Noon - 5pm, FREE
Visit the Whatcom Museum for free on Museum Day! Museum Day is an annual event in which participating museums open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day ticket—for free! Visit our website for more info and to register and print your ticket.


Sunday, October 3, 1 - 3pm
$20 members / $25 non-members

In this kid-friendly workshop, ceramic artist and owner of Good Earth Pottery Ann Marie Cooper will introduce clay hand-building techniques. Introductory-level workshop for children ages 7 – 12. To register, please visit our website.

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-Heidi Zollner