Dance Studio Owner

By: Angelina Merlino 803

I have chosen this career because I am interested in dance and would love to be able to teach other people everything I know, I would be able to choose different types of dances, choreograph different numbers, teach students new steps and more
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Responsibilities and Working Conditions

There are many responsibilities of becoming a dance studio owner you must.......

*instruct dance classes

*hire, train, supervise and support staff and dance instructors

*administer sales contracts

*negotiate lease or purchase of dance studio space

*develop marketing plans

*oversee the creative direction of the studio

Working Conditions Include.....

*in the studio teaching classes

*around the studio making sure all of the staff is doing their jobs

*maybe in an office organizing different shows

Education and Training

A dance degree

*An education in dance will help you explore your passions and allow you to gain many unique skills that are valued in the workplace.

*It takes about 3 years of college to receive this degree

Opportunities for Advancement

*If my studio succeeds I can be well known and people can come to my studio to ask for background dancers and performers.

*I will charge money for each dancer to occupy the studio.

Salary and Benefits

*The average hourly rate for a dance studio owner is about $35 an hour

* The yearly salary is about $70,00 a year

*Also my studio would participate in competitions and be well known for winnings.

Altitudes and Values Required

*I would need to be understanding, loyal and friendly towards my costumers.

*I would have to understand my costumers needs and try to change arrangements to be beneficial to them.