Adjusted Learning

April 2020

A Message From Your Teachers

We hope that you have had a good start to this new Remote Learning experience. We know this is a big adjustment and we are sending you quite a bit of information. We are here to help and support you with anything you need during this time. Here you will find the usual overview of our units with some extra resources, updates about Seesaw and special messages from our paraprofessionals.

We will be continuing our March unit about light and sound waves before moving on to the next unit. We will begin our new unit about money next week. As we continue to use Google Classroom if you have any questions please let us know.

Be sure to keep checking your emails frequently as we will continue to send you updates about Remote Learning. We appreciate all your support as we move forward.

Upcoming Dates

April 10: No School

April 17: Teacher Institute Day- No School


In addition to our Google Classroom we will be using Seesaw for some fun Remote Learning opportunities. Students will need access to the Seesaw Class App to complete these activities. We will be sending you an email with directions for downloading this version of the app so that students can have access to our classroom page from home. You will also receive a home learning code through the chat of your current Seesaw app. Once you have access to the new Class App, you will be able to see the activities we post to complete using Seesaw.

March Unit: Making Waves~ Light and Sound

This month we will be exploring how how light and sound waves interact with various materials.

Chapter 1- The Spring Play

Chapter 2- Light Waves on the Move

Chapter 3- Bright Light and Colors

Chapter 4- Vibrations and Sound

Chapter 5- Echos Everywhere

Chapter 6- Testing Lights and Sounds

The life skills lessons in this unit focus on how light and sound are used in students' daily lives.

Throughout this unit, students will work on habits following a daily schedule, learn how to use a lighted crosswalk sign to help them safely cross the street, use communication skills to have conversations about music, use self-advocacy skills to determine volume levels in noisy situations, etc.

March Unit Resources

April Unit: I Can Earn Money

In this unit, students will look at money, budgeting, and banking services.

Intro Book- A Bank is Helpful

Chapter 1- Mark Wants a Video Game System

Chapter 2- Mark Gets Hired

Chapter 3- Mark Goes to the Bank

Chapter 4- Saving and Spending Money

Chapter 5- Mark Makes a Budget Plan

Chapter 6- Mark Thinks About Different Jobs

The life skills lessons in this unit focus on job skills and budgeting money. We will explore healthy shopping habits by examining a balanced plate and buying groceries to make a balanced healthy meal. Students will learn how to get ready for a job interview. We will practice time management by answering questions about a weekly schedule and problem solving skills by playing a game about saving and spending money. Students will work on money management skills by comparing the prices of items at different stores and exchanging money for goods in buying scenarios. We will explore different jobs that are at banks and complete job training activities.

April Unit Resources

Messages From Our Paraprofessionals

Hello my friends!!

Hope you are all well. I miss seeing all your smiling faces each day, but look forward to helping you as best I can even though we can't be together.

~Ms. Fuchs

Hi friends!!!

I hope you are all happy and feeling good! :) Even though we aren't together I am excited to help you all as best I can! I miss you all so much. I know you will all be working hard. Be proud and do your best work.

~Ms. S

Hi! I miss you all so much! You make school a fun place to learn. I will be right here ready to help! My son Tommy thinks remote learning is fun too! I am proud of all your hard work!

~Ms. Martin

Hello Friends,

I hope you're all doing well. I miss you guys. Looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces again!

~Ms. P

Community Resources

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