Henry The Navigator.

One exploration,is not the only destination.

Early Life.

Henry the navigator was born March 4th,1394 & died November 13th,1460.Prince Henry was very well known for his explorations.He was the first to launch the European voyage of exploration.He has many siblings but he had got lucky to take place as the 3rd prince of Portugal.Portugal led into other explorations.


He helped develop the caravel sailing vessel and also advanced map making and improved navigational instruments. In doing this commerce by sea was developed considerably.He had also made his own school and it was the first marine institute in the world for deeper water research.They sent 14 explorations into the "Sea Of Darkness."

How is he important?/impact

He was very important because these explorations helped advance the study of geography and made Portugal the leader in navigation among European nations. He sent out more than 50 expeditions although he never went out on one himself. Soon the Spanish sent out their own voyages of discovery in competition with Portugal.
Prince Henry the Navigator

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