A PROUD Picture

Snapshot of March 16-20

Anne Update

Anne's procedure this past week was a success. It left her pretty wiped out from the procedure itself and some undesirable side effects from medication. She is on the mend from that procedure and will get those biopsy results on Monday. The big surgery is coming on March 12th, so let's be in prayer for Anne that day as we are out and about. We'll continue to share information as we receive it!


PROUD Crowds continue to be one of my favorite days! I hope you all enjoy these days as well! The kids sing, you all jump in and dance, lots of hugs, some tears. This is who we are! We are what we focus on and celebrate! Let's remember days like these when the tough stuff happens and we get frustrated and short on patience! Appreciate each of you all for the work you do instilling these qualities in our kiddos and celebrating right along with them!

ObSuessed with Reading

Thanks so much for getting those logs home this afternoon. We're going to run a social media contest over Spring Break to help encourage our kiddos to read over the break! We're going to put a call out to parents to share pictures of their students reading over the break and have them include the #EREPROUD hashtag. At the end of the week, I'm going to Storify the hashtag (ask me if you'd like to know more) and have the winner earn their class extra recess!! Don't worry, coverage will be provided for that!! You'll just have to provide us the time you'd like it to happen.

That said, I'd like to put that challenge out to you all as well! There are few things we can do that are more powerful in encouraging our kiddos to read than to let them see us engage in and enjoy reading!! So same goes for you all! Post a picture of yourself reading throughout the break on one our social media pages and include the #EREPROUD hashtag and we'll draw for a duty coverage!! Hope you'll play along!! I think we'll give Kristy an automatic entry for that amazing Youtube video!!

Obseussed With Reading

Guess what(s) & reminders!

  • Don't forget about Skyping with Anne during her absence! Anne is watching e-mail so let her know when you'd like to have her! Via Skype or Google Hangouts you can do some pretty amazing learning related things! Have her read a book! Let us know how we can help!
  • After personal days are approved, be sure to get them on the new personal day calendar on the collaboration site!
  • Please be sure to display your jeans pass when wear jeans!
  • Please take a few moments to complete our brief campus survey as well as the district campus survey!

What's A Happenin'

March 16 - Snow day??? HAHA!!

March 17 - C&I meetings, Talent Show auditions

March 18 - Brett out at GAM Meeting, Talent Show auditions

March 19 - Brett out AM & Christina all day, Talent Show auditions, PTA Meeting

March 20 - SIT Meetings

Eagle Bucks to...

Angie & Dana for stepping in to help with morning duty! Please let me know if I missed anyone here! Those are the two I knew of!

Stephen & Missy for AMAZING programs! If you didn't watch along on the live streams, I'd encourage you to so you can see what gifted educators these two are!!

Susan & Christina for taking great care of me as we settled in transition! Appreciate them!!