3 Math Workshops with Bill Atwood


Friday January 29, 2016 Math Words in Motion: Building Math Vocabulary

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 Retain and Apply! Building and Reinforcing Math


Tuesday, April 5, 2016 Reading and Writing Skills to Support Problem Solving and Open Response

At SERESC: 29 Commerce Drive, Bedford NH 03110, www.seresc.net

Attend one day or all three with this dynamic presenter to gain strategies that you can take to your classroom right away!

Recommended for Grades 2-8.

For more information, click on the dates/titles listed above, or contact Sabrina@seresc.net 603 206-6800

Series Overview

The first standard for mathematical practice in the Common Core is “make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.” But, for many students, making sense of problems is the most challenging task they face.

SERESC is offering three workshops with Bill Atwood to respond to these questions:

  • How often do students abandon a problem because they don’t understand the necessary math or test vocabulary?
  • How often do students get lost in a problem because they don’t attend to the details or don’t read carefully to find the question and key information?
  • And further, how often do students neglect to show their work because their writing skills are undeveloped or they lack a deep mathematical understanding?

In this engaging workshop series, teachers will learn powerful, research-based strategies that build the critical reading and writing skills, fluency and conceptual knowledge needed for success.