Stage 3 News

Term 3 2013

Project Based Learning - Science Curriculum

This term Stage 3 students have had the opportunity to learn about science using a 21st Century learning approach called Project Based Learning. This involved every student using the investigation process and the design process. Students came up with a hypothesis, developed a prototype for their flight vehicle and conducted a fair test. Students used the information from their fair test to modify their flight vehicle and enter their model in the Science Showcase Competition.

Congratulations to all our participants in the Science Showcase Flight Heats. Our Finalists for the Science Showcase competition are:

Muhammad Kharrl

Courtney Allerton

Camelia Gusmardy

Sulaiman Mehmood

Abdurahman Muzayen

Zeke Laidlaw

AIi Salame

Muhammad Ahsan Tanoli

Ruqiya Khalidi

Shah Alif Chowdhury

High School Transition - Belmore Boys High School and Wiley Park Girls High School

In the last 5 weeks, on Thursdays, every student in year 5 has had the opportunity to attend Belmore Boys High School and Wiley Park Girls High School as part of our High School Transition Program. This program supports students to build confidence in the High School setting with a focus on the new Science Curriculum and ICT.

The students had the opportunity to work closely and get first hand knowledge from the Science teachers and Technology teachers to test their flight models. They learnt about Bernoulli’s principle, aerofoil and the angle of attack when thrusting their plane into the air.

Year 5 and 6 have spent the holidays designing and making a flight vehicle in order to enter the flight competition. To help each other over the holidays we communicated and collaborated online on Edmodo.

5GK also helped their buddies in KSG to make their paper planes for their flight competition.

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Maths Learning in action

In Maths, we are continuing to use story based real life problems to learn how to convert fractions into decimals and percentages.

We are learning to locate information on a variety of maps using compass points and to read coordinates when using latitude and longitude.

We are now learning how to convert mass. Did you know that when people talk about weight, they really mean mass?

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Spelling - Word Study

There is a whole school focus on Spelling and word study skills. Stage 3 students are learning to sort words according to their patterns and to increase their vocabulary. This is very powerful because reading ability dramatically improves as students use meaningful games and activities involving problem solving in the form of developing hypotheses, searching for patterns, predicting outcomes and experimenting to find out if they’re correct. Using word study activities, students compare new words to words they already know and look for similarities. This is important as students work at their individual pace to accurately recognise words, realise that words are powerful and to talk about how words work.

Reading and Comprehension with our Buddies

Stage 3 are learning with their buddies from Kindergarten and Year One. The students are sharing favourite stories, visualising, making connections and inferring ideas in the text.

ESL Language Learning in action

In Stage 3 ESL the students have been working together to write what they know about flight; what they want to know and the language they need to know to help them participate in their science topic in class.

They have also been peer tutoring to help each other to be better readers. They enjoy the opportunity to work, talk and read together.

Where to next for our learning in Term 4

Year 5 are in the process of writing and preparing a speech for the prefect elections coming up in Term 4.

Year 6 are in the process of inferring how authors using language techniques to persuade and tell a story. They will use these techniques to create the Year 6 graduation DVD.

Photography with Mrs Carter

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Join us at the Haldon Street Festival

Haldon Street Festival

When: Saturday 24th, August.

We are meeting at 10 am for the parade and 11.05am to watch the dance group.

Who: Teachers, Students & Parents

Where: 31 The Boulevarde, Lakemba.

In front of Olympics Hardware Store (across the car park)

Pick up: Students are to be picked up at the end of the parade at Gillies Avenue (near the Police Station)

Supervision: Parents are responsible for their child’s safety and well being