Anzac Day Family Day

Celebrate Anzac Day in the Town Square with the family

Causes of World War I

There were many causes of World War I. One of the causes was the assignation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He was assassinated by a Serbian group. This created tension between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. Austria-Hungary then gave Serbia an ultimatum which could have broken out in war. Austria-Hungary then declared war on Serbia. Russia soon joined in and tried to support Bosnia. After that, Germany declared war on Russia and France and invaded Belgium. Britain tried to support France and declared war on Germany. War was then declared on Russia by Austria-Hungary. Britain then declared war on Austria-Hungary and World War I began.

Australia at War

Australian's main involvement in the war was the ANZACS in Gallipoli. The date of the Gallipoli landing was 25th April 1915. They landed at 4am. The ANZACS had to reach the shore in landing craft and claw their way up steep cliffs under Turkish fire. There was ferocious fighting throughout the first day. Turkey won back control of the high ridges where the ANZACS were. That night the ANZACS only had a few squares kms of land. Turkey had counterattacks that night. At least 2300 died that day. A week later the fighting hardly stopped. Knowing that they couldn't win, the ANZACS worked out plans to evacuate in November 1915 and by December 20th 1915 they were all gone.

Significant Battles

Some of the battles the Australian troops were involved in during the course of the war were:

*The Battle of the Somme

*The Third Battle of Ypres

*The Western Front


*Villiers’ Bretonneux

*The Battle of Pozieres

*Battle of Fromelles.

Impact on Australia after the Great War

The Impact the Great War had on Australia was:

*The population decreased dramatically because many men died and their family members struggled and could have died.

*There was not as much money because of the shortage of men working due to an injury or death.

*Women had to take over men's work and raise a family by themselves.

*There was a shortage of produce, food and supplies because there were not enough men working on farms.

*Families were torn apart. Some children had to grow up with no father. Mothers lost their sons. Wives lost their husbands. Brothers and friends were lost.

*The soldiers that returned from war had trouble finding employment.

*There was more demand for hospital staff, doctors and nurses.

*Unhappiness of citizens.

*There was racial tension with the Central Powers.

*A national identity and sense of pride was also established.

The Significance of ANZAC day in Australia

ANZAC day is a very significant day for Australians. It allows Australians to gather together and celebrate. Every Australian should be very grateful for what the ANZACs did for this country. They were strong, very courageous and gave their lives up for the future of this nation. If the ANZACs did not do this brave act, we would not experience the freedom we do today. ANZAC day should be celebrated and that is the point of this day.

Anzac Day Family Day

Thursday, April 25th, 10am-5pm

Flinders Street

Melbourne, VIC

*Videos of war

*Artifacts and valuables from war on display

*Free barbecue

*Extra food available

*Free drinks

*Activities for the kids ie. face painting, jumping castle

*Family atmosphere

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