Crocodile Tears

By: Anthony Horowitz


The Alex Rider series is filled with action, adventure, and have it seen through a teenager's eyes as he goes on dangerous and outrageous none the less. An example is taken from the first book: Alex must save London from a man who has plans to just burn it to the ground. Not because it was hard, he did because he could. So the entire series is fictional, but it is placed in real world settings and still has it's down to Earth moments. So, the book is Realistic Fiction.

Theme/ Lesson of the story

The main lessons in this book (and every other book) are that life isn't always what it seems. Lies will be every where and you must over come these hard-ships and rise above all the odds and come out on top. Another lesson is that you must keep the ones you love and care for safe and not to get them in any danger that your line of work needs you to do. In conclusion, there are many lessons in this book.

Protagonist: Alex Rider

Our protagonist is a fourteen year old boy his name is Alex Rider. He lived with his uncle until his uncle was in a car crash and ever since his legal guardian is Jack Starbright. He never knew his parents, but he was told stories about them and the were all very favorable towards the parents. He was approached by a man one day after school and was taken to the office of M16 and was black-mailed into working for her, and he hasn't stopped working for her since.

Antagonist: Desmond McCain

Desmond was an intelligent, ambitious, ruthless, eccentric, resourceful, and extremely cynical. He was a determined social climber to the point of being as greedy hypocrite. In public view, he was incredibly warm and greeted his friends and acquaintances with kindness and generosity. However, he concealed a bitter, murderous and independent side that was, all in all, malevolent and villainous. Desmond showed bitterness towards his racial bullying as a child, and claimed that it had stayed with him all his life. He was also a cold-blooded sadist who enjoyed causing pain. He expressed this during his boxing career. His breakdown occurred when Alex Rider foiled his schemes and he lost his self-control altogether.

The Main Character's High and Low Points

Alex's strengths are very reminiscent of a leader, a respected person, a father maybe, but most importantly, he is becoming a man. Then again Alex is still a child so he still has his smart alec remarks ,but Alex shows his massive concern for his guardian Jack and he has finally realized he does not only put himself in danger when he goes out on his adventures, he also is affecting his close and loved ones. How can a fourteen year old be described as a mastermind of espionage with in the time frame of only two to three years? Well every great legend has their short comings, especial if they aren't even adults. Alex shows that he has a terrible reaction when Desmond has threatened Jack and Sabina. (Sabina is his presumed girlfriend) He pleaded not for Desmond to hurt the two, for they were his closest thing to family that he had since his uncle died.

McCain: “Look at self-satisfied pop singers or greasy, semi-literate athletes. People worship them. Why?”

Alex: "Because they’re talented.”

~ pg. 283

Setting of The Story

Alex starts his adventure in Loch Agkaig, Scotland while he is staying with Sabina and her parents Sabina and her parents simply disappeared. So, Alex went investigating with M16 and he was assigned a new mission that will save Sabina and her parents while also ending Desmond McCain's evil plans. Our next and final location is in Kenya (specifies not mentioned) where he must stop McCain from blowing up a dam, if this happens it'll cause disaster and then after that the dam is destroyed one of the major power plants causing massive amounts of radiation through Kenya and eventually being big enough to engulf the entirety of Kenya to the North Pole. Then finally it ends with Alex in the hospital.

Climax/Resolution and Conflicts

Climax: Alex is kidnapped and is taken to the plant where McCain's henchmen will expose Alex to fatal amounts of radiation. So Alex makes a daring escape and then the next day he is taken to see McCain face to face for the first time over a nice dinner. The very next day he is forced to hold on to a bar over a pit of crocodiles. After some time passes Alex is rescued by a man the goes by the name of Rahim, Alex is rescued and then Alex kicks McCain into the pit and the two walk off. McCain, half alive pulls himself up and shoots Rahim in the neck and Alex finds cover behind a canister of oil. Alex still in shock after seeing a man being shot next to him, Alex decides to pull out explosive gel that he was given to by M16, he slathers it over one of the canisters and without hesitation he rolls it down towards McCain and running towards the exit gently taps the detonator button, he gets blasted into a low hanging bar and knocked unconscious.

Resolution: Alex is in the hospital, he sees the nurse filling his IV with some medicine she looks at him and says "You have a package from a- uh, M16? Wow! Also it says that the citizens of Kenya wanted to thank you and your efforts are greatly appreciated". Alex opens the box and is surprised to be given a Playstation 3 and a copy of Assassin's Creed. So this is where our hero is left off, sitting in a hospital bed enjoying himself with his present.

Internal Conflict: Alex's internal conflict is realizing that he can't just do this whole spy thing forever, he is contemplating his decision if he should just confront M16 and resign from his position. Alex is also thinking about Sabina through out his entire adventure and he keeps reminding himself if would have just kept her out of this none of what happened would happen.

External Conflict: Alex is also having to deal with this man who almost killed him, along with Sabina and her family. He also deals with the constant beating from McCain's Henchmen and finally having to hold onto that bar for ten to fifteen minutes.

Opinion on The Book

I'm my honest opinion I really did not like this book. It's mainly because of the massive amounts of recycled plots and characters just with simple little changes here and there. So I did not enjoy this book remotely.


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