Nelson News Flash

October 17th - 21st

Monday, October 17, 2016

  • Food Drive
  • 8th grade football practice, 7a.m.

  • Science Team, 3:45, Room D114

  • Volleyball practice, A & C Teams

  • 7th grade football vs. Wester, 5:30p.m., IHS

  • School Board meeting; 7:30p.m.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

  • Food Drive
  • 7th grade football practice, 7a.m.
  • Play rehearsal, 3:40p.m.

  • NJHS officers will meet in Mrs. Kampe's room during morning tutorials

  • Volleyball practice, 3:45p.m., A & B Teams

  • Math Team, 3:45, Room D114
  • 8th grade football vs. Wester, 5:30p.m.
  • Fall Choir Concert
  • Orchestra Fundraiser, 3:35-5:35p.m., Room G108

  • Beginner Band Rehearsal, 4:00-5:00p.m., Band Hall

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

  • Food Drive

  • 7th grade football practice, 7a.m.

  • Play rehearsal, 3:40p.m.

  • Volleyball practice, 3:45p.m., All teams

  • 8th grade football vs. Wester , 5:30p.m.,

  • Beginner Band Showcase, 7-8:30p.m., Cafe

Thursday, October 20, 2016

  • Food Drive
  • 7th and 8th grade football practice, 7a.m.
  • Library Club, 7:45-8:15
  • Play rehearsal, 3:40p.m.
  • Volleyball vs Wester, 5:30p.m., Wester

  • Chess Club, 3:35-4:20, Library
  • Running Club, 3:35-4:15
  • Thursday afternoon or Friday morning - Mandatory NJHS meeting for all members in Room D112.

Friday, October 21, 2016

  • Food Drive
  • 7/8 football practice, 7a.m.
  • Volleyball practice 3:45-4:30p.m, All teams
  • Band All Region Master Class, 4;00-6p.m.
  • Serving Up Hope canned food drive Staff vs Student volleyball game, 3:35-4:30p.m., Main Gym. See information below.
  • Thursday afternoon or Friday morning - Mandatory NJHS meeting for all members in Room D112.

Upcoming Events

10/24-10/28 Red Ribbon Week

10/24 -10/28 Food Drive

10/24 7th grade football vs Scoggins, 5:30p.m.

10/24 Volleyball practice, A & C Teams

10/25 Coffee with the Counselors, 9:00-11:00a.m., Library

10/25 Volleyball practice, A & B teams

10/25 8th grade football vs Scoggins, 5:30p.m.

10/26 Fall Orchestra Concert, 5:30-7:30p.m., Cafe

10/27 Volleyball vs Scoggins, 5:30, IHS

10/28 Color Run, 2:30p.m. (See information below)

Special Messages

  • Yearbook: Buy Nelson's First EVER Yearbook! A lifelong memory of your child's first year at Nelson. To buy your YEARBOOK click here

  • Serving Up Hope Food Drive: Our student council is hosting a food drive that will benefit families here in Frisco. Students are to bring in specific food items to their advisory classes. These items will be assembled into Thanksgiving boxes, providing a full meal to a family in need. Please ask your child or advisory teacher for specific items. We are accepting items through October 28th. The advisory classes that bring in the most items, by the end of the day on October 20th, will get to pie an administrator at the Serving Up Hope staff vs. student volleyball game next Friday, October 21. The game will be played after school in the big gym. Students and parents are invited to attend. There is no admission fee. Thank you for contributing to our food drive and we hope to see you at the game!"


  • Snacks with nuts or nut products are not allowed in classrooms.
  • Deliveries to Students: In an effort to minimize classroom disruptions, Nelson Middle School office staff will accept deliveries for students under very limited circumstances. Acceptable items for deliveries include student lunches, lunch money, glasses, cell phones, house keys, or notes regarding changes in after school transportation. Deliveries cannot be guaranteed by a specific time. Non-deliverable items include homework/classwork (regardless of due date), projects, classroom supplies, instruments, PE clothes, etc.

    ** If it is absolutely necessary that you leave a non-deliverable item for your student, you are welcome to leave it at the designated location in our front office. Due to the disruption created in the educational process, notification will NOT be provided directly to students for these deliveries. Your child can collect these items between classes or after school. An announcement will be made over the intercom between classes.

    **Please also note that students may not receive deliveries such as flowers, balloons, or other gifts, even on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, etc. You are welcome to have lunch with your child or bring lunch to your child, but remember that you may not bring food for anyone other than yourself and your student.

    **Deliveries will only be accepted from individuals listed as guardians or emergency contacts. Photo identification will be required.

    We strongly discourage parent requests to pull a student from class during the school day for a simple delivery or phone message, as this is a disruption to the learning environment for the student and their classmates.

  • Carpool Lane Reminders - Thank you for following the proper procedures for dropping off and picking up your students. Please review the maps to keep our kids safe and the carpool lanes running smoothly for everyone! Reminder: Student drop-off is NOT ALLOWED in front of school!

  • 2016-2017 Bell Schedules - Nelson will operate with two regular bell schedules this year. One schedule will be used on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays; and a different schedule will be used on Tuesdays/Thursdays in order to incorporate Advisory Time at the end of the school day. Please refer to these schedules when arranging appointments for your student or preparing to join him/her for lunch.

  • MyPaymentsPlus - If your student is planning to purchase cafeteria meals, please make sure you have money in his/her account. Login here to check your balance or add money.
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