An abundance of Katherines

By: Stacy Randolph

Lost innocence, lost love

This picture relates to my theme because most of the time when people think of lost innocence you think of heartbreak and losing something dear to you. This picture is of lost love. This relates to my book because Colin lost Katherine and in the beginning he is all depressed and keeps thinking about her and how he loves her, adores her, needs her, etc.

More experience

This picture relates to my theme because when people are becoming adults and stepping out of their childish days they become more experienced. Having innocence is often thought of as being kids that are good and obedient and not doing anything to ruin their purity. This relates to my novel because Colin goes on a road trip with his friend Hassan and he is already in a depressed state and he lost innocence to loving katherine and wants to take a road trip to get over her.

Quote one

My favorite quote that I feel really shows loss of innocence states, "But mothers lie. It's in the job description" (page 4). I liked this quote because it goes against what most innocent kids think. They believe their parents when they say thins such as "your beautiful".

Quote two

Another quote that I chose stated, "Colin did not laugh. Instead, he thought, Tampons have strings? Why?" (page 57). I chose this quote because it highlights the curiosity that he had and how it was maturing over time. Innocent kids would not be thinking about tampons let alone know what they are and what they are for.

Other Questions

The theme throughout my novel showed loss of innocence through a bad break up. Also he went out exploring on a road trip with his friend and gained some experience. But towards then in it was more about losing innocence through falling in love again.

The cause for the loss of innocence could be because everyone is separating for college and Katherine did not want any baggage which would result in the loss of Colins' innocence.

The time period is important because it is easier to understand especially since the book is targeted for teens and many of us may be in a place similar to this.


I chose this video because first of all I liked it and it really went with my theme. It provided more current examples of loss of innocence. Also I chose it because of the picture and how they connect with my theme.
Let It Go - Vero - Loss Of Innocence