Submitting a Technology Work Order

How do I get help with my technology?

Where do I go to submit my work order?

There are several links for submitting technology work orders. There are three located on the TMS home page, see the picture below. To access the TMS web page from the district home page:

* Go to

* Select departments

* On the menu to the left select Technology Management Systems

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Another option for submitting a technology work order is through your GC portal. To access the GC portal, go to the district home page and select MyGC Login located at the top of the page. Login with your computer login credentials. Once you have logged in you will see a set of default tiles. Select the tile labeled "eWorkorders" to submit a technology request.
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Which type should I select?

The best way to ensure that your technology hardware and software are repaired in a timely manner, is by submitting a technology work order. There are several types of work order categories. Below is a brief description of each category. This will help you choose which one best suits your needs.

1 - Service Request

This is our default request. This request is used for any hardware or software issues you have with your classroom/office technology equipment.

2 - Security Access

The security access request is only used to gain access or for additional access to TEAMS or a particular folder on the shared drive. This must be approved by your direct supervisor or the campus principal.

3 - Technology Quote/Order

A technology quote or order request is submitted when needing a quote for new technology.

*This request is not used for requesting toner for your classroom or workroom printer.

4 - Training Request

To request training on technology hardware or software in your classroom/office you would select this type of work order.

6 - Cisco Phone System

When you need assistance with your classroom/office phone, voicemail, or having trouble logging into Jabber.

7 - iPad App Request

This work order type should be selected if you have a shared iPad cart and you need additional apps pushed to your cart. The apps must be on the approved app list. If you have any questions about iPad apps please see the Ed Tech website.

What information should I include in my work order?

Make sure to fill out the work order completely. Include all the requested information below in your work order.
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