Dying For Franjibelle

A Short Story By: Silverman

Level 1 Reading Interview With Olivia Vogt

Reporter: So Olivia, choose one word from Dying For Frangibelle that you think is most important.

Olivia: Well, I'm choosing the word Frangibelle because it is the malevolent flower who cause harm to those who sniff it.

Reporter: And can you quote the sentence in which the word appears?

Olivia: "One sniff and you're in heaven, two and you're in hell, three and leave the world forever, dying for Frangibelle." (Silverman pg. 5)

Reporter: Now please tell us 3 different dictionary definitions of the word

Olivia: number 1, Franjibelle means perfect (Google definitions) number 2, Franjibelle means dying while striving for perfection (www.allbabynames.net) and number 3, Franjibelle means to have a perfect death (Ms. Smith's definitions for stuff)

Reporter: Can you tell us how the word Franjibelle contributes to this story?

Olivia: Franjibelle is important because it is the flower that causes all of the misfortune in the story.

Reporter: We will be back with level 3 information after these short messages.

Level 3 Interveiw

Interview With Olivia Vogt (continued)

Reporter: Olivia, can you name 2 themes about this story

Olivia: Yes, first, Yolonde and Camille showed determination when they escaped from Mr. Axel by killing him with a Franjibelle. Second, Yolonde and Camille faced injustice when Neil tricked them into sniffing Franjibelle. Third, Franjibelle can cause beauty, but more often, death.