Penn Pride: We have. We are. Together.

Together ...

Together we have the opportunity to appreciate the past while we also look to the future with anticipation.

That sounds like a deep thought doesn't it? ... especially in light of all the changes and adjustments that we've had as a community this year. That statement about the past and future could apply to almost anything. In this situation though, I'm referring to trees. Specific trees, actually. Some trees in front of Penn Elementary. The 5 big ash trees that are in front of Penn between the building and the drive. They are big. They are uniform and largely define the appearance of Penn Elementary as we know it. However, there are 5 of them. They are big ... stretching over the roof of the building. And, worst of all, they are ash trees, so they've been doomed for awhile now due to the invasion of the emerald ash borer.

Every year our kindergartners get to plant a tree somewhere on the school grounds. This is part of their Science unit. On October 1, they planted a sweet little maple tree in front of the building between two of the ash trees. This is the third consecutive year that the kindergartners have planted their new tree between ash trees. All in anticipation of the time when we have to surrender to the damage of the emerald ash borer and have the trees removed. You may have noticed, the time has come, the trees are marked and are scheduled to be removed before January.

We'll be talking about this here at school -- the life cycle of a tree. Together: appreciating the ones who planted trees before us and looking forward to watching our new little trees grow into towering memories.

~ Mrs. Heffner

Brrrr .... dress for the weather.

It's getting COLD. Students go out for recess unless the windchill is below zero. It's time to get that winter gear out if you haven't already :)

Sign up info for Parent Teacher Conferences will be in the next newsletter.

UI Homecoming weekend

Friday, October 18: we're inviting everyone to dress to cheer on the Hawks OR wear your favorite university gear.

HALLOWEEN Parade and Parties

We will celebrate Halloween on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

The whole school will be on parade at 1:20 pm. We'll be outside on the playground if weather permits or through the gym. Parents are welcome to come to watch.

Teachers will provide more specific info about their classroom parties.

All students are welcome to bring a costume for the parade, but no one has to dress up.

Please remember: dressing up is fun. Let's keep it fun. No weapons, even play weapons, are allowed as part of costumes.

Looking Ahead

  • Represent your favorite university on October 18.
  • Pick up your PTO fundraiser items, October 29, 3:15-5:30
  • McTeacher night at McDonalds, October 29, 5-7pm
  • Halloween Parade: Thursday, Oct. 31, 1:20 - 1:40pm
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: Nov. 14, 2:10pm - 7:10pm
  • Parent Teacher Conferences: Nov. 19, 7:40am - 7:10pm (No School)

school starts at 7:55

if you hear the bell in the carline, your student is tardy.

Run for the Schools