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Glen Ellyn School District 41

February 25, 2021

In this issue…

  • Institute Day
  • Saliva Sample Collection Schedule
  • Spring Break Schedule
  • 5Essentials Survey
  • Returning & Kindergarten Registration
  • K Dual Language Program Information
  • Hadley Student Feature Story

Institute Day - Tomorrow, Friday, February 26 - No School for Students

Tomorrow, Friday, February 26, students will be off school, but our teachers and staff will be busy learning. District 41 elementary teachers will be engaged in work on data analysis and differentiation. Teams will be utilizing student data to determine next steps in instruction from now until the end of the year. Support staff will be learning instructional strategies to work with diverse learners. Hadley teachers will be engaged in professional development relative to their content areas to increase student engagement and learning.

Saliva Collection Schedule for Next Week (NOTE: Tues, Wed, Thurs next week)

Tuesday, March 2

8th, 5th, Kindergarten

Wednesday, March 3

7th, 4th, 1st

Thursday, March 4

6th, 3rd, 2nd, PreK/Early Childhood

Spring Break Schedule - Remote Learning for two days post break

Spring Break for District 41 is March 29 - April 2 this year. All schools will be remote on the two days post spring break for saliva testing and for election day.

  • Monday, April 5 (Remote for all - Saliva screening drop off at all schools)

  • Tuesday, April 6 (Remote for all - Election Day)

5Essentials Survey for Parents

District 41 relies on parent feedback when planning for the future. Please share your thoughts about your school community through the annual Illinois 5Essentials survey! Taking this survey allows you to share your views on school effectiveness. The survey is administered by UChicago Impact and is based on the Five Essentials for School Success, an evidence-based framework developed by the University of Chicago.

  • The 5Essentials are:
  • Effective Leaders
  • Collaborative Teachers
  • Involved Families
  • Supportive Environment
  • Ambitious Instruction
Each school needs a parent response rate of at least 20% to receive a results report. Thank you for your participation!

CLICK HERE to take the survey!
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Kindergarten Registration for 2021-22 School Year is Open

The District 41 online kindergarten registration process for the 2021-2022 school year is now open. We ask that you enroll and register your student by Thursday, March 25 to ensure you will be included in future communications for the 2021-22 school year.

PLEASE NOTE: Children must be 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2021 to register.

The process to enroll and register is as follows:

New Families

1. Go to www.d41.org/registration and click on the Kindergarten Registration button

2. Submit your Online Enrollment Account Request

3. Use your emailed login and password to complete the Kindergarten (New Student) registration process

Current Families

1. Sign into Skyward Family Access (contact your school if you need sign-on assistance)

2. Click on the Returning Student Registration button to complete the process

Your Kindergarten registration will be complete only after you have completed the online process and provided the school with the appropriate documentation. This includes birth certificate information, residency information and health records. Please CLICK HERE for more details.

Returning Student Registration for 2021-2022

Returning Student registration for District 41 is now open. Any student currently enrolled in District 41 or is receiving services in the district is considered a returning student. We ask that returning student registration be completed by Thursday, March 25, 2021 in order to be able to plan and to schedule for next school year. Please visit your Skyward Family Access account to register your student. For help CLICK HERE.

Dual Language Information and Application

Parents of incoming kindergartners who are interested in applying for the District 41 Dual Language Program may now access the Dual Language information video and related forms through the following links or on our Dual Language webpage

Applications are due by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 5

Dual Language Packet/Forms

- English

- Spanish

Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting Video

- English

- Spanish

Printed copies of the forms will also be available at Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Churchill Elementary, Forest Glen Elementary, or the District 41 Central Services Office, located at 793 North Main St, Glen Ellyn. More details about the Dual Language Program and the application process can be found in the video and on the forms.

Hadley Student Starts a Business During the Pandemic

The Little Girl Soapery

While at home during the pandemic shutdowns last year, Hadley Junior High 8th grader Enayah Chishty was inspired to make the most of her time by learning a new craft -- making soap. She noticed that her family was using a lot more soap due to the pandemic and their hands were always dry. Her sister was especially impacted as she has very sensitive skin. She wanted to fill her time doing something creative and worthwhile. “I was introduced to the magic of soap-making last year when the world went spiraling down a rabbit hole of many unfortunate events. Luckily, I found a new hobby and a passion to pursue. Soap making has given me a way to express myself and turn this time of isolation into something constructive and beautiful.”

She began making soap and then developing a business plan. She credits the ability to learn about making soap and launching her business to what she has learned in school.

“What this experience has taught me is that passion and creativity is important to start something new but what you learn in school gives you a good foundation to stand on. A tip from digital photography class comes to mind while framing a photo, a lesson in literacy helps you come up with a better description for your product and math, which is dreaded by many, is required at every step of starting a new business from working out the costing to calculating a sale price that helps you not only to break even but also turn up a profit.”

Enayah is proud that her handcrafted soaps are not only free of unnecessary chemicals but are 100% organic, cruelty free all the while looking beautiful and smelling even better.

"Enayah has been a joy to teach all year. She has a creative side that comes out in assignments and her writing, and it's clear that she's found another outlet for that ingenuity. Her website design, photography skills, and vision are so impressive, and I can't wait to see how far she can take this business! " - Ms. Tannenbaum, 8th Grade Literacy Teacher

Way to go, Enayah!

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