Evergreen Elementary Bulletin

January 12, 2021

PTCC-Meeting Tonight!

The next PTCC meeting will be held Tonight at 5:30 in the EES Gym.

Thank you to our new EES PTCC (Parent, Teacher, Community Club) Officers for stepping up to volunteer for our school this year! They are as follows:

EES PTCC Chairperson - Kaelene Harrison

EES PTCC Co-Chairperson - Megan Powell

EES PTCC Secretary - Michelle Jenkins

EES PTCC Treasurer - Chris Buness

The EES PTCC Second Annual Christmas Cookie Extravaganza is CANCELED this year.

EATS Garden

EATS Garden is collecting eggshells that have been rinsed and dried, as well as coffee grounds for adding to our soil. There is also a need for containers to plant in, donations of bags of soil, and other garden tools that you may not need any longer! Items can be dropped off at the EES Office!


EES is working on the possibility of offering an open Library Club for after school reading time, as well as after school Homework Club for after school homework help four days a week (M-TH). The hours would be 2:00 - 3:00. Late bus would be available. Students that sign up would be expected to participate all four days of the week. If this is an opportunity you would like for your child(ren), please call Tamara in the EES Office at 874-2321 or email at teastaugh@wpsd.us to get on the list, and we will let you know what we work out. Thank you!


Just a reminder that all students need to have a water bottle at school every day, this should be brought between home and school to be filled. We are not using the water fountains this year because of covid mitigations.

Student Council and Student Lunch Helpers

EES is taking applications for student council positions. If your 2-5 child is interested in a student council position, please make sure they obtain the paperwork from their classroom teacher. Applications are due January 13.

EES is taking applications for student lunch helpers. If your child is interested in taking a turn helping an adult with lunch organization and distribution, please make sure they get the paperwork from their child's teacher. All K-5 students are eligible. We will make a rotation schedule based on the interest! We love growing leaders at EES!



As the flu and cold season comes upon us, just a reminder that we are following the "symptom free schools" protocols. Please make sure your child is symptom free before coming to school. If they stay home with symptoms, they will need to be symptom free and have had a negative COVID test prior to returning to school, or isolate for ten days. We appreciate your help and assistance to ensure students with symptoms do not attend in-person school until they are well. Teachers will help get students set up to submit work from home. If we can help you with any parts of the process, do not hesitate to call the EES Office. We are happy to work together with you on it.


EES will be participating in a Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Training the week of January 11th.

K-2 January 12th

3-5 January 14th

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Enrollment is always open at Wrangell Public Schools. If you are interested in re-enrolling, please call the school office for assistance and information. Let us know if you have any questions! EES 874-2321, SMS 874-3393, WHS 874-3395


If you have an incoming Kindergarten student for the 21-22 school year or if you know of any incoming Kindergarten students, please let the EES office know!


As our temperatures chill down and weather becomes more inclement, please make sure your child has appropriate all-weather gear when they come to school. We do take outside breaks each day and will continue to do so. Feel free to leave hats and gloves in backpacks for those days you think they may not be needed, but do end up needed! Let us know if you have any questions, or if we can be helpful in any way. Thank you!


January 12th-PTCC Meeting

January 18th-21st-MAP testing

February 14th-Valentine's Day

February 15th-President's Day

April 2nd-Spring Break


EES Students will be MAP testing on January 18th-21st. Please ensure students have a healthy breakfast and a good night's rest before testing!


Thank you for your support of our online book fair! We raised over $500 for EES. You can still help EES by ordering through the link. Anything purchased at anytime will earn 15% of sales for our school!



Administrators have been working on a plan for if we need to have a sudden school closure. We want parents to know what to expect. If your child needs to be picked up from school because we are closing school, you will receive a School Messenger phone call and email. The message will indicate to proceed to school to pick your child up. If this happens, it is not an emergency. Please proceed to school in a normal fashion and wait in the car line for your child to be brought out to you. This may take a few extra minutes than normal. It will be important that all adults stay calm and reasonable. Please also keep in mind that all staff will know there is a school closure, however no one will know the details on why. You will receive follow up communication through at least email to inform you of plans. Distance Learning will kick in upon closure of school. Check your classroom teacher's online classroom portal for distance learning information.


Please see the new Evergreen Elementary 2020-2021 Schedule and directions below. The new bus schedule is posted below also.

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EES Caring Closet

Due to many awesome teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and other staff at EES, we now have an EES Caring Closet. We have a small supply of extra clothing, winter coats, gloves, hats, backpacks, etc. in the case that students are in immediate need of something. If you have a donation you'd like to make to the EES Caring Closet, please drop it off at the EES Office. Specifically, right now we could use sweatpants, hoodies, tee shirts, winter coats, and new or like new water bottles. Does your child need something? Don't hesitate to call the EES Office and ask if the Caring Closet has what you need. Ideas for EES Caring Closet? Let us know!


EES could use donation of cup of noodles for students who forget their lunches.

EES is in need of your excess plastic grocery bags. If you keep these and are getting over-ran by too many, we would love to take those off of your hands!

We are also in need of the following for our EES STEM Lab:

old DVD's and CD's


styrofoam plates

take out food containers

solo cups

excess new office supplies (stapler/staples, scissors, sticky notes, rulers, clipboards, file folders, paper clips, pencils, pens, you get the idea!)

seed packets

string, yarn


any cool recyclables!

Also we would love snack donations:

Individual packages of Goldfish crackers

Chewy Granola Bars are popular

Fruit Cups

We are still taking donations of gently used books for our Birthday Book cart!


As you may be cleaning out your holiday decorations, we are always taking donations of gently used ornaments, garland, light strings and other festive items for use during the holiday season. Your excess wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, tags, and holiday gift bags can always be used at the school, as well!

When we return in January, we will start our gardening season. We will start collecting pots, containers, soil, seeds, plant starts, and anything else garden-related that you think our EATS Garden program would find useful!


EES has a used book collection made up of donations from around the community and discarded books from libraries. We will be using this collection for students to pick a birthday book on their birthday at school. If you have books you are looking for a home for, it would be a great opportunity to donate to our birthday book collection!


Evergreen still collects BOXTOPS! It is our understanding that there is an option to scan receipts and get your credit applied directly to our BOXTOPS online account. You can create an account at https://www.boxtops4education.com/ and attach your account to Evergreen Elementary School.

If you do not wish to set up an account feel free to send in your receipts (within two weeks of purchase) and we will scan them for you and then return your receipt. Each time a student brings in a receipt or you send proof that you've scanned a receipt your student will get to choose a prize from the boxtop store!

BOXTOPS provide an opportunity for EES to fund things that we may not normally be able to fund. Past BOXTOPS purchases have been playground equipment, the school greenhouse, playground supplies, and classroom resources. Thanks for your help!

Keep collecting those paper boxtops too. We will have another boxtop store in the spring.


Do you order from shutterfly? If so, you can earn money for our school just by shopping under our link!


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If you would like to send in snacks for your students class for a birthday please make sure they are individually wrapped snacks and if they are home made snacks please assure they have been sitting and untouched for at least 24 hours before bringing them in to school. All snacks can be dropped off at the office and we will make sure they get to your students classroom.



We have stickers available for purchase! Our 2019 National ESEA Distinguished School Sticker designed by our own Mrs.Crowley! $5 per sticker. Call the office if you'd like to purchase one!
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We still have a small amount Evergreen Eagles Tee shirts and hoodies available. Tee shirts are $5 and hoodies are $10

Sizes Available

Tee Shirts

Youth XS- 2 short sleeve 1-long sleeve

Youth SM-5 short sleeve 2-long sleeve

Youth MD-2 short sleeve 3-long sleeve

Youth LG-1 short sleeve 4-long sleeve

Adult SM-1 short sleeve

Adult MD-1 short sleeve


Youth SM-1

Adult SM-1

Call the office or email teastaugh@wpsd.us if you'd like to purchase the ones we have available now.

We are hoping to make another order for more sizes, so stay tuned for more details!


EES Students are working on the character traits of ''perseverance". Have you seen an EES student showing perseverance? Please feel free to make a positive office referral for that student! They will be highlighted in morning/afternoon announcements. Forms are available in the EES Office. We are working on a printable form to attach to the bulletin, like the one shown below, or just simply call the EES Office and let us know!
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Our librarian Ms. Calleigh has been working hard to put together a virtual library for students. The virtual library is located on the WPSD.us website. It contains audiobooks and read alongs, she also has a fall/autumn library link! The fall/autumn books are linked to epic so students can access those from their iPads. Keep checking the library/media center tab on the EES directory for new virtual libraries, they will be updated regularly! The direct link to the Library Page is below.



EES has had no known cases of headlice in the building to date.


EES Teachers have been working hard to get information up on their classroom portals via the WPSD.US website. These are a work in progress, so check them frequently. Your child's teacher will send more information as time goes on. We are doing a slow start and will roll out the pieces one at a time. Feel free to contact your child's teacher with questions using the contact information they've provided.


Ipads are going back and forth between home and school with students. Please look for them and check your students class portal for more information on what they can be working on at home. Remember if chargers are sent home to make sure iPads are fully charged before returning to school. Also remember that iPads are tools and not toys. If you have any questions please contact your student's teacher.


The back to school smart start plan can be viewed on our website at www.wpsd.us


Parents! Ridership has increased, and to follow Covid distancing protocols, we will be splitting the Elementary kids onto 2 busses.

The ONLY change you will see on your end, is kids from Blooms to 13 mile will arrive home approximately 10 minutes earlier than usual. Kids from The Loop to Panhandle will be unaffected.

If you have any questions, please call/text Zach at 907-305-0206

Here are a few things to keep in mind about bus guidelines:

Extra students may not ride the bus. For example, your child wants to have a friend over and they are not a regular bus rider, please pick them up that day. Please call the office and let us know they will need to be in the pick up line instead of the bus line. We do not have enough space on the bus at this time for additional riders. Handwritten permission notes will not be accepted to ride the bus if there isn't already a bus form submitted. If your child rides the bus, but is going to a nearby different stop one day, a note will be required. The note should be given to the classroom teacher and the office so new arrangements can be made. The EES Office will communicate with the bus company, if it's an occasional change that includes the bus.

Due to maintaining control of the bus pick up and drop off list and keeping to a schedule that allows the bus to arrive on time, please take your child's name off the bus list if they are not going to ride it regularly. You will get a phone call from the bus company if your child is signed up and has not ridden the bus in a month. At any time, you may contact the bus company to begin riding the bus on a regular basis. The bus company and the school will communicate about these updates.

As always, make sure that your bus form is updated and turned in prior to riding the bus. Thank you for helping

with these few small guidelines and assisting all of us to ensure a very smooth transportation service.

Please check out the Taylor Transportation Facebook page for upcoming information on bus schedules, safety, and general information. Students must have a bus form filled out and on file with the office in order to ride the bus. It would also be helpful to notify the office if your student will not be riding the bus on a certain day.


7:25--12.7 Mile

7:26--11.7 Mile

7:26--11.4 Mile

7:35-- 6 Mile

7:35-- 5 Mile Loop--South End

7:36-- Substation

7:39-- 4 Mile

7:40-- Phillips Street (Nugget Trailer Court)

7:41-- Red Stop past Phillips Street

7:42-- 2.7 Mile--Red Flag

7:43-- 2.6 Mile

7:45-- Blooms

7:47-- Panhandle

7:52-- 911 Evergreen

7:53-- 808 Evergreen

7:53-- 742 Evergreen

7:54-- Petroglyph Hill

7:55-- Evergreen Court Stop


School Breakfast and Lunch counts for the week are taken on Monday morning. After 8:00 on monday morning you will not be able to order lunches for the week and your student will need to bring a lunch from home. We need to be able to give J&W's an accurate count for the week. The ordering link will be closed on Monday morning and will open up for the following week on Wednesday. And again if you would like your student signed up daily, for the month or school year, please let the office know. Also if you have ordered lunch for the week or day and your student is going to be absent we will need to be notified before 8:00AM, if we are not notified in time you will still be charged for the lunch and can pick it up at the school.

Please find attached the school lunch menu for January 2021. School lunch will be handled a bit differently this year. Josh and Rissa Young will provide lunch food service through J & W's, however it isn't regular menu J & W's food. They are providing EES with meals appropriate for our ages. We would like to know in advance of families that would like lunch every day. If not every day, there will be an online weekly form to fill out for the days a student would like school lunch.The link is posted below. It is also available through our school website. As far as breakfast, we are handling that in house. Breakfast will be al a carte, meaning students can choose from a variety of things like oatmeal, cereal, granola bars, yogurt parfaits, fruit, muffins, boiled eggs, etc. We would like to know if a student wants breakfast every day, and if not every day, then there will be a weekly sign up online for the days the student would need breakfast. If you have any questions regarding food service this year, please do not hesitate to ask. Regardless of the instructional delivery method that health guidelines/mandates take us, food service will be provided.


To Pay for student lunches over the phone please contact Kim Powell at the district office 874-2347 or stop by the District Office.

Students may sign up for breakfast and lunch to eat at school, with the exception of Friday's when they will take their school lunch home with them. We have forms you can fill out to potentially qualify for free or reduced meal prices. Forms can be picked up at the office or emailed to you. Feel free to contact the office at 874-2321 or email teastaugh@wpsd.us if you have any questions.

Full Price Breakfast is $2.00

Full Price Lunch is $5.50

Reduced Price Breakfast is $0.75

Reduced Price Lunch is $1.00

Below you will find the breakfast and lunch ordering link. All orders for the week will need to be placed before Monday! The following weeks menu will be up on Wednesday.


If you know your student will be eating breakfast and or lunch daily (or on certain days) we can sign them up for the month or even the school year. Just call the office or send an email.


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EES is in need of substitutes for Teacher and Para positions. Please call the EES office at 874-2321 if you are interested.

Do you have some extra time? We are looking for people interested in helping with extra cleaning/sanitizing during the school day. If you are interested, please call the EES Office; 874-2321


If you are interested in volunteering to help either from home, or on an as needed basis, please contact the EES Office to get on the list. There is a Volunteer Handbook with information and the form to fill out prior to being able to work in the building. Thank you so much!


Wrangell Public Schools continues to practice strong COVID-19 mitigation efforts. School will continue to be in session on the normal schedule.

Further updates will be forthcoming as we continue to receive information from the State and Borough. Please email smartstart@wpsd.us with questions concerning COVID-19 mitigation in the schools.


Due to travel guidelines changing, if you are going to travel with your child, here is some local contact information to get updates on travel so it's current information when you need it. School guidelines are still to have proof of a negative COVID test after traveling prior to returning to school. Thank you!

All questions can go to 907.874.3223 or travel@wrangell.com or wrgfd@wrangell.com

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EES Staff plans to be COVID tested weekly. With this in mind, we've also had questions from families about COVID testing for their children and their family. EES/WPSD is not in charge of any testing opportunities.


Below are links to Covid-19 information. Please refer to these documents and recourses as needed.


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