Ice Dams at Scuppers, Drains, Gutters, and Downspouts

As we starting to see the temperatures rise and the snow/ice melt off the roof, we will see ice dams that have formed around areas that are designed to drain a roof. When the temp. drops below freezing at night then back up above freezing during the day, ice will back up under the metal edges of a roof or into a seam on a roof and result in a water leak on the inside of the building. If that happens...


1. Use a tool that will penetrate the roof membrane or metal edging/flashing when trying to remove ice. Remember...when the temp is below freezing, roof materials can become brittle and easy to crack or gouge.

2. Use a torch to melt these openings as you may start some combustible construction materials on fire.

3. Don't risk climbing a ladder or getting onto a roof that has ice/snow on it. The chance for an accident are greater when the ladder is not on dry ground or footing on the ladder or roof is suspect.