An Intriguing Sea Star

Sabrina Moe


It’s incredible to think that sea stars, known as starfish, are related to many animals that live in the sea, such as sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Sea stars are a fascinating animal because of its attractive appearance, appealing habitat, and intriguing diet. This ocean critter is a very unique species.


Now, imagine that you have the out of the ordinary diet, bizarre appearance, and beautiful habitat of a meaningful animal, the sea star. This marine organism is magnificent and fascinating in many ways. Overall, this animal is brilliant.

Think Tank

Dear sea star,

you have brilliant five arms that are amazing.

You have a intriguing diet that will surprise all.

Why would anyone think that you are strange?

You are a unique animal that lives everywhere in the world’s oceans.

Even though certain animals have different opinions of you,

You are a eccentric thing to learn about.

Sea star, even though you are considered

boring and not intriguing

And people should respect you.

You are not a clueless about you and your surroundings, you are animal.


This diorama shows one of the habitats that the sea stars live in. There are other animals to show the other organisms that live in the Great Barrier Reef. Each one is a different organism.
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Go Fish

In my "Go FIsh" project, I chose a variety of fish and didn't choose any specific theme but only decorations with a budget of $250. The fish I bought were chosen by how appealing and cool it looked. For example, the Australian Rainbow fish was very colorful and beautiful. That caused me to choose that fish. It is the same case with the others, they all had something unique about it. Also, since quite a few of them were amazing, I got six in total. Not only that, but the total amount of gallons of water for the fish would be 20 gallons. In addition to this, the amount it cost for the fish tank, the things needed, and the fish in all was $163.98. Other then that, nothing was planned for the theme, I just picked what was appealing for the decorations.


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