My Career Choice

By: Reese Collins

Architectural engineer

In the future, I would like to be an architectural engineer. Doing this job means I will be dealing with big buildings or small shops. My job would basically be all about the structure of the building, not the design. If you think of it this job is kind of nerve wrecking because if the building explodes or something it's on you because you practically built it. Most likely you will probably get fired and lose a lot of money.

Why I want this job

The reason I want to possibly have this job is that I have always wanted to build things and this job fits for me. The purpose of this job is to carry out my dream of building things and making a living.

What I need in high school

Some things I might need in high school is obviously to graduate but taking possible engineering classes. I also can take some hands-on classes like woods to learn how to do it and experience what it is like. Possible business classes could be helpful not like I would use it that much but it will still be a helpful thing to have.
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What I need after high school

After high school I am going to need to go to collage for at least 4 years. A bachlors degree is needed to gradute and if I wanted to continue for a higher up degree but mainly it is just a bachlors needed.