Come visit Minsk,Belarus!

Come see the amazing city of Minsk!


Do you enjoy traveling? If so,you need to come and visit Minsk,Belarus.Beautiful scenes and lots of activities to fulfill your time with!

What you can do:

When visiting you can enjoy beautiful sights such as the, "Yanka Kuplala park" and the, "Pishchalauski Castle" along with many other beautiful places


Before you come to visit the beautiful city of Minsk in Belarus first it might be wise to learn Russian because only a few selective people speak english.Those couple people only know english due to a woman that came to Minsk to visit and found a man that was very energetic and committed to learning english.Over the years he and she has tried to spread the language but have not made much progress.But have made some.


If you prefer a specific weather while traveling then you may want to know that like most places they have cold winters and hot summers.
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Longitude and Latitude

The absolute value in longitude and latitude is 53,9000ºN,27,5667ºE

The residents

The other residents of Minsk are Russian and speak Russian as well.There money system there is called Ruble so make sure when you come to get or bring some Ruble.

Relative location

Located in Eastern Europe,Belarus is geographically positioned in the northern and eastern hemispheres. Belarus is bordered by the countries of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine.


Part of the former soviet union.Oblast,Russia.
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Fun Facts!

Clapping in public is illegal.Only a few speak English.The emblem of Minsk depicts Madonna,two angles,and two cherutitims. Was founded in 1067.There are only 2 airports