Normanby School Newsletter 19

Tuesday 27 October 2020

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Principal's Message

Tēnā koutou katoa – Warmest greetings to you all.

I hope you all had a very enjoyable Labour weekend - we were so blessed with sunny and warm weather. A great time to spend with whanau doing the things we love.

This week we have our annual Art Exhibition. The children spent a full week of creating wonderful masterpieces towards the end of last term. Each child made three main pieces of Art. Their art will be displayed in our School Hall for family, friends and neighbours to view. Please come along and have a look.

The Art Exhibition is open the following times:

  • Thursday 29 October 1pm to 7pm
  • Friday 30 October 9am to 3pm

Bring along some money, too, if you would like to purchase raffle tickets from the PTA.

We have three raffles:

  • $100 note
  • Scratchies
  • Guess how many Jelly Beans in the Jar.

Thank you for your continued support.

As I said in the last newsletter, this year we have been working really hard as a team to improve the quality of writing across our school. We have worked with a facilitator to ensure we are targeting specific children and their ability to write purposeful pieces of writing which can be enjoyed by their audience.

Please keep encouraging your child to practise their writing skills at home. This could be in the form of a letter, postcard or email to a friend or family member.

You can also help your child by supporting them and being excited by their learning.

In each newsletter over this term I will give you some ideas that can be used at home according to the age and / or stage of your child. Last week I gave you some ideas for young children in Year 0/1. Today we have some tips for children in Year 2. But of course these ideas can be used for any age and stage.

Year 2 - Make writing fun

  • Encourage your child to write - on paper or on the computer. It is OK for you to help and share the writing. Give lotsa of praise.
  • Enjoy the message and don't make your child anxious about spelling or neatness.
  • Make a photobook and get your child to write captions.
  • Scrapbooks are fun, too. Old magazine or newspaper pictures about a favourite subject: dogs, your family, motorbikes or the latest toy craze pasted on to blank pages - with room for captions or stories.
  • Play with words. Finding and discussing interesting new words can increase the words your child uses when they write. Look up words in the dictionary or on the internet or talk to family and whanau to find out more about the meaning and the whakapapa (origins) of the words.
  • Talk a lot to your child while you are doing things together. Use the language that works best for you and your child.

Give them reasons to write

Help your child to:

  • Write lists - 'Things I need from the shop', 'Games to play when I am bored', 'Things I want to do in the holidays'. The last one can be be cut up and put inside a box or bag for a lucky dip for when the holidays do arrive finally.
  • Write out recipes or instructions for other people to follow (especially fun if the instructions are for an adult).

  • Keep a diary, especially if you are doing something different and exciting. Your child can draw the pictures or stick in photos. Their diary could be a web page on the computer.
  • Write letters, cards, notes and emails to friends and family and the Tooth Fairy - you might write replies sometimes, too.
  • Cut out letters from old magazines and newspapers to make messages.
  • Write secret messages for others to find in their lunch box or under their pillow.
  • Display their work. Put it on the fridge. Be proud of it. Share it with others.

Talk about their writing

  • Make up a different ending to a favourite story together and get them to write it down.
  • Ask them to write about pictures they draw. Get them to tell you the story.
  • Keep writing fun and use any excuse you can think of to encourage your child to write about anything, any time.
  • Don't worry if your child's letters are sometimes backwards or words are misspelt at this age. The important thing is that they have fun writing at home and are making an effort.

Have a great week everyone.

Ngā mihi nui

Janelle Jones

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He rau ringa e oti ai

Many hands make light work

Encourages people to work together. It can be used to invite people to participate or to acknowledge the effort and work of many.

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Contents of this week’s newsletter

  • Congratulations to Nick and Amy Boyd
  • Welcome to Samantha Dalley
  • New Enrolments
  • School Hats
  • New Sports Tops For Sale
  • Scholastic Book Club Issue 7
  • Last week's Normanby Superstars
  • Puanga Hub Big Day Out
  • Whanau Morning and School Assembly
  • Mufti Day - Get Spotted for Melanoma Awareness Week
  • Touch Rugby
  • Art Exhibition
  • BOT Election
  • Van Payments
  • Year 6 Enrolments for Hawera Intermediate School 2021
  • October and November Birthdays
  • Term Dates 2020
  • Term Dates 2021
  • Coming up in Week 3 & 4
  • Dates to put in your Diary
  • Secondhand Uniform
  • Community Notices

Congratulations to Nick and Amy Boyd

We are very excited to announce that Nick and Amy Boyd are expecting baby number 2.

Baby Boyd is due to arrive in early May 2021. Amy intends on working through until the end of Term One 2021 and then she will take maternity leave from the beginning of Term Two. We wish the Boyd family all the very best as they prepare for their new addition to their family.

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We are super excited to introduce you to a new teacher starting at Normanby School in January 2021. Welcome to Samantha Dalley who currently lives in Christchurch. Here is a short blurb from Sam, telling a little about herself. We will tell you more when Sam arrives next year!

"Kia ora

My name is Sam Dalley. I am from Amberley, a small town in North Canterbury. I completed eight years in beauty therapy when I realised my passion for helping others could support me to be a great teacher. I enjoy spending my time outdoors and I am excited to move closer to some of the best surf spots in New Zealand to keep practicing my standing technique (not quite got the swing of it yet). Most of all I am looking forward to meeting new people and settling into the community. During the October school holidays I got to travel and stay on Stewart Island which was fantastic. It snowed during the time I was hiking and apparently this was the first time the island had seen snow for ten years - it was beautiful! Here is a photo of me in my hiking gear - obviously it was very cold!!

Ngā mihi


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New Enrolments

To assist us with our forward class planning, please let the school know if you're planning on enrolling a child turning 5 years old in 2021. If you know of a new family who has just arrived in the area, please also pass this message onto them.

Thank you.

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School Hats

All students are required to wear a bottle green bucket hat during Term One and Term Four.

We are doing another order of the embroidered hats with your child's name, for a total cost of $15, ready for Term One 2021.

If you would like to order one, please make payment into the school bank account quoting 'hat' and the name you would like embroidered.

Normanby School Board of Trustees

15 3950 0406446 03

There are three sizes available which can be viewed at the office. Orders close on Friday 4 December.

New Sports Tops

We have our new Sports Tops available from the office if you would like to purchase one for your child.

These can be worn on any sports related days at school such as Athletics. They are $40.

Please make payments to the following account. Please use your child's name and quote "Sports Top" as a reference so we can easily identify your payment. Thank you.

Normanby School Board of Trustees

15 3950 0406446 03


If your child didn't receive a pamphlet for the Scholastic Book Club Issue 7, we have spares available at the office. Orders will close at 3pm on Thursday 29 October.



Details of the day is as follows:

When: Friday 4 December

Where: New Plymouth

Transport: Weirs Bus plus one emergency vehicle

What: Bowlarama – Ten Pin Bowling/ Mini Golf / Todd Aquatic Centre

Time: 8am to 4.30pm

Payment for the $50 fee for this optional activity is due on Friday 27 November please.

Payment can be made through our school bank account:

Please use your child's name and quote "Puanga Hub Big Day Out" as a reference so we can easily identify your payment. Thank you.

Normanby School Board of Trustees

15 3950 0406446 03


There is no school assembly this week due to the Art Exhibition. The next whanau morning and school assembly will be held on Friday 6 November

MUFTI DAY - Get Spotted Melanoma Awareness Week

Last Wednesday we raised $232 for Melanoma New Zealand through our "Get Spotted" Mufti Day. Thank you for your support.


Touch Rugby Reminders

Please ensure your child arrives 20 minutes prior to the start of their game.

If your child cannot play for whatever reason, please let the coach or Team Manager know in plenty of time so they have enough children to play.

Practice Times:

  • Year 3/4 Normanby Titans Wednesday 2 to 3pm (At School)
  • Year 5/6 Normanby Panthers Wednesday 2 to 3pm (At School)
  • Year 3/4 Normanby Broncos Wednesday 3 to 4pm (At School)
  • Year 5/6 Normanby Warriors Wednesday 3 to 4pm (At School)
  • Year 1/2 Normanby Roosters Thursday 2.30 to 3pm (At School)
  • Year 1/2 Normanby Eels Thursday 3.30pm to 4pm (Turuturu Soccer Fields)

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Art Exhibition

The children have made some amazing art master pieces and these will be showcased at our Art Exhibition on Thursday 29 October 1pm to 7pm and Friday 30 October 9am to 3pm in the Normanby School Hall. This is a great event to bring along grandparents, aunties and uncles, friends and neighbours! The PTA will also have some great raffles for sale so bring along some money as well!

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BOT Election

Please find attached a notice from the returning officer regarding the upcoming BOT elections.

Information packs were posted to all school families on Saturday 10 October.

Nominations close this week, at noon on Sunday 1 November.

Thank you.

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Van Payments

All families who choose to use the school vans will have received an invoice for Term Four. The bank account number for van payments was changed at the beginning of Term Three. Please ensure you put the money into the correct account. Full time users take precedence for the van.

We currently have a waiting list so please ensure you let Kay in the office know asap if there are any changes to your circumstances.

All van payments are made to: -

Normanby School Office

TSB: 15 3950 0406446 03

Year 6 Enrolments for Hawera Intermediate School 2021

The process of enrolling Year 6 students for 2021 at Hawera Intermediate School is about to begin. A newsletter went home with all Year 6 students last term. If you did not receive this, please check your child's bag or ask the office for a copy please.

Key dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday 28 October - Parent Enrolments at Hawera Intermediate 1 to 6pm
  • Tuesday 3 November - Parent Enrolments at Hawera Intermediate 3 to 6pm
  • Thursday 12 November - Year 6 students visit Hawera Intermediate School 1.30 to 2.45pm
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October and November Birthdays

Happy birthday to the following children and staff who have their birthday coming up in October and November.

Thursday 29 October - Ruby Skinner - 7 years old

Friday 30 October - Melah Cook - 5 years old

Friday 30 October - Freeman Bennett - 7 years old

Sunday 1 November - Kaden Thomas - 11 years old

Monday 2 November - Paige Jordan - 7 years old

Monday 2 November - Killian Fowlie - 10 years old

Tuesday 3 November - Kendrick Bennett - 6 years old

Sunday 8 November - Olivia Kumeroa-Thompson - 10 years old

Monday 9 November - Curtis Bennett - 10 years old

Tuesday 10 November - Acacia Cook - 10 years old

Thursday 12 November - Lily Fabish - 10 years old

Friday 13 November - Joseph Karena - 5 years old

Sunday 15 November - Hope King - 7 years old

Sunday 15 November - Lucas Harris - 7 years old

Thursday 26 November - Connah Laupama - 10 years old

Friday 27 November - Mrs Whyte

Monday 30 November - Isabella Ogle - 11 years old

Term Dates 2020

Monday 12 October - Term 4 begins

Monday 26 October - Labour Day - School Closed

Friday 20 November - Teacher Only Day

Wednesday 16 December - School finishes at 12noon


Here are the Term Dates for 2021.

Monday 1 February School Office opens at 8am

Friday 5 February Head Start Hui (Learning conferences / setting goals)

Monday 8 February Waitangi Holliday

Tuesday 9 February All children at school

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Coming Up in Week 3 and 4

What's happening in Week 3?

Wednesday 28 October

Parent enrolments for Intermediate 1 to 6pm

Seasons 2pm

Thursday 29 October

Happy Birthday to Ruby Skinner - 7 years old today

Touch Rugby

Art Exhibition Open 1pm to 7pm

Scholastic Book Orders close today at 3pm

Friday 30 October

Happy Birthday to Melah Cook - 5 years old today

Happy Birthday to Freeman Bennett - 7 years old today

Art Exhibition Open 9am to 3pm

Last day for Mrs Williamson (Teacher Trainee in Room 8)

Sunday 1 November

Happy Birthday to Kaden Thomas - 11 years old today

What's happening in Week 4?

Monday 2 November

Happy Birthday to Paige Jordan - 7 years old today

Happy Birthday to Killian Fowlie - 10 years old today

Tuesday 3 November

Happy Birthday to Kendrick Bennett - 6 years old today

Puanga Hub Athletics at Normanby Domain

Parent enrolment session at Intermediate 3 - 6pm

Wednesday 4 November

Seasons 2pm

Thursday 5 November

Athletics Day / Tabloids for the whole school

Touch Rugby

Friday 6 November

Whanau Morning 8.30am

School Assembly 9.10am

Sunday 8 November

Happy Birthday to Olivia Kumeroa-Thompson - 10 years old today

Dates to Put in Your Diary

Thursday 29 October - Art Exhibition 1pm to 7pm

Friday 30 October - Art Exhibition 9am to 3pm

Tuesday 3 November
- Athletics - Seniors only

Thursday 5 November - Athletics Day - Whole School

Friday 13 November
- PTA Treat

Friday 20 November - Teacher Only Day

Tuesday 24 November - School Photos

Friday 4 December - Puanga Hub Big Day Out

Monday 7 December - Year 6 Graduation Dinner and Celebration

Thursday 10 December - End of Year School Concert

Tuesday 15 December - School Prize-giving at 10.30am

Wednesday 16 December - School finishes at 12noon.

Secondhand Uniform

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