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Volume 5 August 18, 2023

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Unlocking the Possibilities!!!

Dear Friends,

In our fast paced, all things bright and new, experience driven world, the word predictable sometimes has a bad reputation. Often, this word projects a sense of “been-there-done-that’ into the situation, implying it's routine or expected. In the world of child development and education, predictability has a positive and profound impact on a child’s growth. In this back-to-school issue of our newsletter, we delve into the significance of routine and predictability when trying to raise thriving, healthy, vibrant children.

In closing, I want to give a special thank you to Dr. Ross, for taking time to create a back-to- school breakfast guide for our readers. In this newsletter you will find simple easy tips, to help create yummy nutritious breakfast items to help your kids kick the day off with a healthy jumpstart for their brains!

With A Grateful Heart,

Jodie Maddox

Parent Coach and Education Consultant

Skills for Success!

Creating a space where risk taking, grit, courage, creativity and independence are both celebrated and lived, is easier said than done. There is a natural love/hate relationship between encouraging independence and providing healthy boundaries for the safety and overall health and wellness of your children. Believe it or not, routine and predictability provide a natural comfortable space for seeds of independence to be planted and nurtured.

Predictability and routine help to promote:

1) A sense of security

2) Independence and self-discipline skills

3) Emotional regulation

4) Cognitive development

5) Healthy habits

6) Strong Relationships

Click here for a full article and more details about each skill

If our overall goal is to help children grow in virtue, executive functioning skills and ultimately build confidence and independence, paying special attention to the family or classroom routine is a simple a way to build predictability; ultimately fostering and nurturing strong resilient children and teens.

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Health and Wellness Corner - Dr. Ross

Back to school Breakfast tips - The importance of breakfast for brain health + breakfast recipe guide for calmer, more focused mornings!

As a mom to 3 busy boys, I know how hard it can be to get breakfast on the table and be out the door in time for school! With a little planning and creativity, it is possible to deliver a nutritious breakfast to your children to set them up for a successful day at school. Breakfast is such an important part of your child’s day and a balanced, diverse diet can be an effective integrative approach to improving self control, focus, and other symptoms of ADHD.

3 tips to incorporate into your child’s breakfast:

  1. Protein: sausage, eggs, nuts, seeds

  2. Good Fats: avocados, salmon, walnuts, chia seeds, dark green leafy vegetables

  3. Low Glycemic (low-sugar) + High Fiber Carbohydrates: swap sugary cereals and breakfast treats for fresh fruits

I have created a breakfast recipe guide that emphasizes the 3 breakfast tips listed above. You can download the recipe guide by clicking the following link:

Remember quality over quantity! It’s not about loading your child up with calories. It’s about loading your child up with nutrient dense foods that positively impact your child’s hormones, metabolism, mood, and energy throughout the day.

Parent Corner

Should I Hire A Parent Coach?

Hiring a parent coach is a very personal decision that should always include reflection, personal discernment, and a consultation with a parent coach to ask questions and gain insight into the process.

A few years ago I hired a life coach to help me think through and make decisions in a way I didn't feel able to accomplish on my own. A good coach doesn't give you the answers; a good coach helps dig deep into your own knowledge and experience to help you make your own decisions in a way that is right for you and your family.

I love working with families as they navigate the process of strategic improvement and growth. The best part is when they discover a renewed sense of hope eliminating unwanted power struggles, uncomfortable tension, and sometimes even an overwhelming sense of failure. I especially like working with families with teenagers, children with ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, or other neurodivergent abilities. Helping parents rediscover the joy and unique gifts of their family is a true privilege.

If you are interested in a free consultation, to gain more insight into the coaching process, contact me today.

School Corner

I'm offering a full set of professional development classes that schools are loving! If you are a school, or even a church or counseling office needing to provide support to teachers or parents who are struggling to meet the needs of children with special considerations like ADHD, dyslexia anxiety or other neurodivergent needs, I am here to help!

Let's work together to make a difference for families with love and support in mind. For a description and full list of topics I am currently offering click here.

Upcoming Classes

Intentional Parenting Workshop - Doors of Hope Counseling

Come join me on Tuesday nights, starting in September, for an Intentional Parenting Workshop, sponsored by Doors of Hope Counseling in Overland Park, KS or virtually via Zoom. These classes are especially helpful for parents of children with ADHD, ODD, OCD, ASD, and Anxiety. All classes are 7:30 - 9:00.

Click he for more details about each class

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A Professional Perspective

An Open Conversation with A Child Psychologist and Parent Coach

Join Dr. Tish Taylor - Licensed Child Psychologist and Education Consultant, along with Mrs. Jodie Maddox - Special Educator, School Administrator, Parent Coach and Education Consultant, Live on Facebook starting in September.

Dr. Taylor and Mrs. Maddox are excited to give their Professional Perspective, in an open conversation with parents, live on Facebook twice a month. Together they will address some of the most frequently asked questions from parents within their private practices.

Live discussions begin on September 7th at 7:30pm to 7:50pm

Join my Facebook group for more information about topics and to register for the event!