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Holiday Events

We had another very busy week at NPMLC. The students have continued their journey around the world and have really enjoyed starting each day with all the students at NPMLC in search of Maria the elf. Every morning in December we have started the day as a school reading and learning about different cultures and celebrations, many memories have been made!

When we aren't jetting around we have been busy in the classroom learning many exciting new works. The highlight of the week was the introduction of the grammar boxes. They have especially enjoyed the action involved with the verbs.

The coffee service treat of the week was sopapilla cheesecake from Mexico. The kids served this along with coffee garnished with cinnamon. The staff at St. Germain loved it and appreciated how well mannered all of the students were.

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Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Montessori education night. We had a ton of fun and couldn't have asked for a better group of students. As always, if you ever have any suggestions for our events please send them our way! We welcome your comments and want our events to be to as valuable as possible as we know your lives are busy.

We do have a few upcoming Montessori meetings and tours for families interested in enrolling in our school. You do not need to come but if you would like to attend you are welcome.

Please Remember to Vote February 16th

Please click on the link above to find out more information regarding the referendum.

Next Week

Tuesday: Santa is visiting (shhh....) gingerbread creations @ 9:00. You are welcome to join for this activity!

Wednesday: Snowshoeing @ 1:00 Please join us! We will meet in the E1 class before we head out.

Wednesday morning we are celebrating the holiday with the St. Germain students, children are welcome to wear their PJs; however, please wear warm pajamas or bring a change of clothes for our afternoon of outdoor fun in the snow.

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Snack Next Week


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A Hike to Wrap up the Week

One important aspect of Montessori is an appreciation of nature. Today we took the kids out for a nature walk on the beautiful trails behind our school. The students navigated through the walk and helped with directions. Along with this they used their determination to finish the walk. It was a great time and definitely a great way to build a unified classroom.

Here are some of the highlights...