Code Jugalbandi

Exploring Functional Programming

What to expect at Code Jugalbandi?

A Jugalbandi is a performance that features a duet of two solo musicians, often both playing different instruments.

In Code Jugalbandi, you get to see how solutions to a problem look different when created using different instruments. There would be multiple such rounds during the Jugalbandi, where the Jugalbandists would change instruments to give the audience a feel of solution rendition using different instruments. Watch two of the finest software craftsmen, Dhaval and Nitish perform, and engage with them along the process. Participants will also be able to join or perform their own jugalbandi. The theme of this workshop will be "Exploring functional programming". To know more about Code Jugalbandi, check out

Our hope is that a Code Jugalbandi session -

1. Would give people confidence that being polyglot can be within their reach.

2. It can also become a source of inspiration to try out new stuff, be it languages or frameworks or anything etc.

3. Promote learning by comparison and contrast - a natural way for human mind to grasp new things.

Also, people from one camp can peek at the other camp and tell themselves - "ah look! it's similar! or it does that better!" etc.

The event has limited capacity. Early participants will get assured seating and can code along with our performers. The watchers are most welcome to engage with the users but we might not have enough seating for them, though we will certainly try to arrange. Those who wish to follow along hands-on or even perform a jugalbandi would need to bring their own laptop.

21st Dec 2014 at The Playce

The schedule will be as follows:

21st December 2014

0930 : Introduction to Code Jugalbandi

1000 : Jugalbandi By Dhaval and Nitish

1230 : Reflections on the Session

0100 : Lunch and Networking


The Playce

101 Marathon Maxima

Behind Axis Bank

Next to Nirmal Lifestyles mall

LBS Road

Mulund West Mumbai 400080

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