Life cycle

A butterfly starts in an egg. It's in there for a week or so. Then the egg hatches and out comes a caterpillar. It's in the caterpillar stage for two weeks or so. Then the caterpillar makes a pupa. It's in their for 1 to 2 weeks. Then it hatches and out comes a butterfly.


As a caterpillar they like to eat leafs and milkweed plants. As a butterfly they eat sugar water and flowers.As a caterpillar they eat the most.They eat for two weeks.


Caterpillars have three main body parts, thorax, abdomen, and head. They also have false legs, 6 real legs, wings (when they become butterflies) and antennae and eyes.

Fast Facts

1. Caterpillars shed their skin and then under it is the pupa.
2. Butterflies have two pairs of wings.
3. Every kind of butterfly has it's own flower.
4. Caterpillars like to eat carets.
5. Butterflies can fly 2,000 to 3,000 miles.