Administrative Leadership Academy

January 2015

Who am I....

How do you get from here to there?

Be a learner * Be positive * Be reflective * Be honest * Do what you say you'll do * Put students first!

Who we are and how we help schools and districts:

Professional Development: All Levels

  • Math; ELA, Science, Social Studies; ELA
  • Reading Recovery
  • Implementation of the Common Core
  • Grading Practices
  • Formative Assessment
  • English Language Learners
  • Data
  • Researched Based Strategies for Increasing Learning
  • STEM
  • School Improvement
  • High Priority Schools
  • Focus Schools
  • AP Testing, Book Bowl, Spelling Bee
  • Ligon
  • Work with Special Education, Early Childhood, Technology...

Mott Middle College and Genesee Early College

What's New in School Improvement Land:

Program Evaluation is new to the School Improvement Process this year. Each school and each district is now required to go through the Program Evaluation Process for a strategy or initiative they have implemented to increase learning.

Program Evaluations are due the end of June.

State of Science

Originally, the State Science Standards were to be approved by the State Board of Education in December, that has been pushed back to April 2015. Stay tuned...

Education and Assessment News & Updates

M-STEP/SAT Information to Share...


Click here to see sample test items.

Additional information on M-Step

Spring of 2015 Testing Schedule

Update from Office of Assessment & Accountability

Professional Development

Job-Embedded Resources

The Teaching Channel provides a number of relevant topics with video and facilitation resources to use for leadership and staff meetings. Check out 40 Resources and Tools for Deeper Learning.

Considering lab classrooms to enhance your PLCs? Contact Lisa Madden for more information.

Winter PD E-Catalog

Here's the link to our latest PD offerings through March!
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