North Middle School Update


Return to every day instruction 4/12/21

This coming Monday, April 12th we are welcoming back many of our students to the everyday in person instructional model and we are excited to take another step toward the resumption of "normal" life. We were able to have most of our students respond to a "lunch" location survey and Mrs. Etra created two lunch locations, the Gym and the GP room, carefully dividing the groups using the students' responses from the survey. While it took a lot of tedious work to create the groupings for each grade level, we hope that our efforts will be appreciated by our students and families.

Attendance is another area that keeps coming up. We need to create procedures that strongly encourage students to attend school in person, if that is the chosen option. As I mentioned in my Monday email, having students back in school in person is what we all feel is best for students, socially, emotionally, and academically. Some students may prefer the remote option for a variety of reasons, but those reasons may not actually be in their best interest from an adult perspective. With this in mind, teachers will be marking "in-person" learners absent even if they appear on the Webex meeting. We are asking parents to call ahead to our nurse, Mrs. Manfre at (516) 887-6585 to report an illness and absence from school. If a student is symptomatic for COVID they should remain home from school and having a COVID test is a likely recommendation. Students that need to remain in isolation because of close contact with someone that tested positive for COVID or received a COVID positive result should remain home for the period of quarantine as has been the practice all year. In those cases, if students feel well enough to attend classes remotely, they will be marked present-remote. This information should flow through Mrs. Manfre. COVID related absences are the only acceptable scenarios where a student will be marked "present-remote" when they have chosen the "in-person" option.

The double day cycle will continue so we stay aligned with the high school schedule. Meaning the day 1, day 1, day 2, day 2, day 3, day 3...rotation will continue for the remainder of the school year.

US Department of Education Rejects NYS Education Department Testing Waiver

The US Department of Education rejected NYS Education Department's testing waiver request which means we are required to administer day 1 of the ELA and Math Exams. The ELA exams are on the calendar for the week of 4/19. We will share more information about our testing plans next week. (I fear I have exhausted my word count for today. If you kept reading then you might smile and thanks for getting to the end.) If you are considering refusing to allow your student to participate please reach out via email and let us know.