Hero or Traitor?

By: Rachel Byrne

World War One

World War One was portrayed as easy and fun in the United States' propaganda and in Dulce Et Decorum Est. They said that if you entered the war and fought for America than you were a hero. If you did not, you were a traitor. When the soldiers arrived in Europe they were hit with the reality of the war. Around every corner was disturbing infection, sorrow, warfare, gunshot, disease and death. The soldiers quickly came to realize that they had been tricked by the nationalists back home.

Trench Warfare

One of the most gruesome parts of the battle was the period of trench warfare. Rival trenches were built across from each other, and in each trench there were hundreds and thousands of sick, exhausted soldiers. The conditions were terrible. The ground was made up of three to four feet of mud because of the weather conditions. The men's feet were swollen with infection, and they were constantly being shot at. Sometimes hey were even bombed with deadly smoke or gas. The death toll was rising, and it would rise until the enemy was dead.

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In total, there were 8,500,000 people killed in World War One