Palestinian/ Jewish wedding

By Sarah Gates

Where the wedding will take place, along with who will lead the ceremony.

The wedding service will be held by both a Rabbi and an Imam, and will take place in Paris, France. It is being held in Paris because if it was held in Israel, it could be frowned upon by both of the communities and the wedding could be destroyed. Both the communities do not agree with each others view and do not believe that they should ever be mixed with each other. It is not being held in the U.S because many areas of the U.S have extremely biased thoughts on Israelis/Palestinians, they couple would be quickly judged and would not feel welcome there either. That is why the wedding is to be held in Paris. There will a small amount of security guards at the wedding not just to ensure the safety of both the bride and the groom, but also the guests.

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The wedding details

The wedding will be in Paris, and will be in a park under a bridal canopy with a small amount of family and friends. The two of them will both sign a marriage contract and will have both the parents and two witnesses sign the document, which is a compromise from both of the religions. Because in most traditional Palestinian wedding they have a separate event a the brides house/hotel the couple will have a small event the night before in the park where the groom and the bride will do a few traditions from each of the two religions. The groom will break the glass, and the bride and her bridal party will perform a shortened version of the “Henna Day” Where her bridal party and any other guest who want to join will use henna and draw all over themselves. On the wedding day the bride will be covered by veil and the presentation of the rings will take place and both the bride and the groom will celebrate their new marriage with their family and will sign the marriage contract. The marriage contract is a compromise of the two different types of religions. It will state of that the husband will do everything that meets certain human and financial conditions. It will also include parts of the Palestinian contract.

Wedding details

The groom will give some of the traditional Jewish gifts and the bride will give some of the traditional Palestinian gifts. Such as the gold gifts and the rings, the special sacred gifts to the bride.

Topics that are not to be discussed

1*If by their marriage, they start a war between the two community.

2*The groom is not carrying out all the specific Jewish wedding traditions.

3*If the groom is not carrying out all the specific Palestinian wedding traditions.

4*If the bride is not carrying out all the specific Jewish traditions.

5*If the bride is not carrying out all the specific Palestinian traditions.

6*If their marriage continues it will cause a rift in their families relationships.

7*If their different beliefs will cause a rift in their own relationship.

8*Why the wedding is to take place outside of Israel.

Why these topics are not to be disscussed

1. There is already conflict between the two communities and the marriage of people from both communities could be the tipping point that could cause extreme conflict and even violence for the communities

2/4. There are specific traditions that Jews have at their weddings and the the compromise of the two styles of wedding could cause a lot of conflict and be a disgrace towards the Jewish community.

3/5. There are specific traditions that Palestinians have for wedding rituals, that the compromised wedding could be breaking causing conflict between the Palestinian community.

6. By two different belief systems coming together there is a lot of conflict not only between the way the couple see religion but also they way their community acts and the way the families see each other. Beliefs are extremely important to the citizens in Israel.

7. Because the two belief systems are so different, and one of them believes in a prophet that is different from the other religions, and the other one who believes that the prophet is yet to come.

8. The wedding isn't to take place in Israel, for the two main belief systems are so different and they both agree that they shouldn't mix, that there should always be conflict never a resolution. It's not taking place in the U.S because they are a third party who got involved and created more conflict between the two communities, and has extremely biased views towards the citizens of Israel.

*Solutions to these problems could include the families and communities accepting the wedding and try to resolve peace. If one community can find a way to cooperate it could improve conditions for everyone on a national scale. *

The future for the Middle East

I believe that at some point in time, the older generation will start to pass and the new generation who believes in hope and want to find a way to give up their differences to cooperate with not just the other groups but also other nations. With the new generation the wall separating Israel and the West Bank could come down, they could move freely and everyone could be safe and happy. Everyone would be able to marry who they want. The people could be free and have a cooperative and safe governement.

The 5 very Important Questions

1) The religious differences cause a lot of conflict between the two groups, because these two beliefs are so different they argue constantly about who is right, who has the correct scripture, who is the prophet is and what should happen between the two different groups with rights over Israel. Each of the groups feel that the land is theirs and that they should have ownership. The Jews believe that Jesus Christ is not the prophet and they are still waiting for their prophet, he will return in the holy city. The Muslims believe that Muhammad as the prophet. They both have the same holy city, Jerusalem. They don't want the other to stay in their country, which is unlikely that either of them would leave their holy land. From a Jew's point of view the Muslims are people who do not believe in the awaiting prophet, they do not celebrate or worship the way that they do and are not considered to be friends. The Muslims on the other hand already have their prophet and do not believe in the traditions that the Jew's carry out, but have their own ways and perspectives that they follow. Conflict is caused by one group disagreeing with their beliefs or when one group starts putting stereotypes on the other, for example one might say that all Muslims are extremists. Which is not a true statement.

2) The border conflict happens between the two societies, because they are theoretically so different from one another that conflict is the only type of relationship that has occured between them. They do not agree on fundamentals and beliefs and only decided to ignore the fact that continuously disagreeing and fighting will get them nowhere. With the issue of one group putting a stereotype on the other group does not help the situation. Also with the mixed feeling on who has the right to the land, it's extremely complicated and has not been solved, even though it is both of their holy lands, the fight continues on for the over rights to the land. The Jew's believe that it is their holy land, they had settled their first and it where there prophet will arrive. The Muslims took the land from the Jewish and claimed it as their holy land and that Jerusalem is one of their holy cities.

3) With the Americans stereotyping Israelites, it has caused a lot of conflict and has not helped out either parties in the better run. Many Americans believe that all Muslims are extremist ever since 9/11. Everytime we see a Muslim or anyone who looks anything close to one, we immediately stereotype them, because of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers we do not look at Muslims the same way we did before. Our foreign policy is to create a more cooperative world, and by doing that in the 1940's we took all the Jew's and placed them back on the land we decided to call Israel. By doing so we had to relocate all the Muslims into two sections that we designated for them, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. From our point of view we were helping the Jew's and giving them their land back after being kick out of practically every country. To the Muslims we were invading their land, and kicking them out of their homes, causing them to be relocated in specific spots. Terrorism is a big problem in our world, by creating peace we can help stop extremist groups not just in Israel but around the world such as the Hamas, ISIS or Al Qaeda.

4) The holy land is important to not only Jews and Muslims, but also Christians. They all have a sacred holy city where many of the key aspects of each religion have importance in Jerusalem. For example the Jews believe that their prophet will be born in Jerusalem. They have similar ideology to Christians who have a prophet called Jesus Christ, who was born in Bethlehem which is another part of Israel. Muslims have a prophet called Mahamada, who also puts a holy effect on the land.

5) A Muslim and a Jew marrying, is extremely controversial because they both have different beliefs that conflict each other. Usually the two groups of people do not get along and it would be considered strange for a couple with two different belief to be together. It is hard for them to be together because of the situation the U.S put the two in. The formation of Israel and the relocation of the Muslims to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. There is some tension between the two groups because of the situation and the different beliefs. They do not agree on who should have ownership of the land, with it being each of their holy lands and Jerusalem being their holy city.


The situation is Israel is like a vine on a tree, they continue to grow but they refuse to accept the fact that cooperation is the only solution. And continuing to grow with these disagreements and corruption will only cause the situation to get worse and end up destroying their civilizations and way of life. Just like a vine will squeeze the life out of a tree and destroy a it, if it is not stopped.

The situation in Israel brought back to the classroom

The situation is Israel where the U.S is extremely opinionated and biased could happen in many different classes. For example, we could be taking about an issue in American Government where the whole class is debating and stating their opinions on the statement. At that point someone in the class could decide that they will keep their opinion and refuse to listen to anyone else. By being biased, that person in is acting just like how many of the American citizens did after 9/11.
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