Increased divorce rates!!!

Fastest way to leave you partner

Highest reasons for divorces:

  1. Control: Attempts to control spouses’ behavior, friends, finances.
  2. Addiction: History of gambling, drug or alcohol use.
  3. Repeated cheating: On-going affair with no willingness to change.
  4. Mistreatment of Children: Violence Among reasons for divorce, this situation calls for the most immediate action.
  5. Unchecked mental disorder: A spouse’s uncontrolled mental health or personality disorder can be unsafe and unhealthy.
  6. Physical Violence: Physical violence toward anyone, especially you or your children, without commitment to get help, is a deal-breaker.

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Divorce Rates around the World Sweden  55% US, Australia  46% United Kingdom  43% Canada  40% Israel  26% Switzerland  25% Greece 18%Singapore, Poland  17%Spain  15%Italy  12%

But in all seriousness this is what divorce really causes....

Divorce affects children!

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