Touching spirt bear

Ben Mikaelsen

Jada Martinez Period 6-Jones

Cole Matthews

At the beginning of the novel, Cole is a fifteen-year old juvenile delinquent. He recently has been put in detention for violently assaulting a classmate named Peter Driscal who had turned Cole in for robbing a store. His parents do not know what to do with him anymore. In frustration and while drunk, his father often beats him while his mother rarely defends him. Cole initially shows no remorse for his actions, no intentions of changing his ways, and has a deep anger at the world and particularly at his parents. He is mean and uncharitable even with those who try to help him such as the prison guard Garvey and the Indian tribesman Edwin.


Garvey works in the juvenile circle justice system, and he has focused his efforts on helping Cole out of his situation. He had his own experiences with the law back in his youth, and he is determined to help other youth stop ruining their lives. He is the first one to propose that Cole go through Circle Justice, and he even comes in to the juvenile detention center on weekends to talk to Cole and help him through difficult times, even though Cole shows him no respect or appreciation

Peter Driscal

Peter is a young fifteen-year-old who was badly beaten up by Cole. Since Cole went as far as smashing his head repeatedly against the sidewalk. He is shy, quiet, and terrified of Cole's presence after that moment forward.


"A strange thought occurred to Cole: the world was beautiful, yes the world was beautiful.... he wondered why he had never noticed this all before. How much beauty had he missed in his lifetime? How much beauty had he destroyed?"


I am Cole Matthews.

I am irritated and emotionally unstable.

I wonder if the spirit bear will pay me another visit.

I hear birds chirping rhythmically.

I see my blood trickling down my chest.

I want to be in the arms of a caring mother and father.

I am Cole Matthews.

I pretend to be loved.

I feel anger bubbling in my blood remebering my fathers harsh words.

I touch the tree bark as i pull myself up.

I worry i will not tell people how i really feel.

I cry as i rember awful childhood memories.

I am Cole Matthews.

I understand that I need to change.

I say i'm okay but am I really?

I dream of recovery.

I try to forget all the bad memories.

I hope one day I will be better,inside and out.

I am Cole Matthews.