smoking is a slow killer

a smoker's lungs and a non smoker's lungs

the non smoker's lungs are on the left and the smoker's lungs are on the right.

smoking attack the lungs.(bronchitis)

guns and bombs

three poisons in a cigarette are cresol, and cyanide they are yews for bombs and chemical weapons.

household things

They are cadmium.

cadmium= used in batteries

things we lite with

Butane=gas;used in lighter fluid


ammonia=household cleaners


cancer= serious,often deadly disease that causes that body's cells to mutate and grow out of control


arsenic= rat poison, one of many poisons found in tobacco


circulation=rate of blood flow through the body; smoking causes it to decrease.


emphysema=an illness of the lungs which causes the air sacs to expand and lose their elasticity.