My Favorite Place

Disney World

This is a picture of my favorite place, Disney World.


Disney Wold is located in Buena Vista, Florida. It is near Orlando

Feature One

Some features that make this area unique include the rides. All the rides are themed towards some of Walt Disney's movies. They are unique because there aren't very many of them is the world, it makes Disney a place because nothing around it is similar, it affects the environment because they have to chop trees down to create more room.

Feature Two

Another feature is that the resort has characters. In every park there is some character from a Disney movie. This is special because most resorts don't have that, this makes Disney a place because it is one of the few that have multiple characters around, this affects people because then they feel compelled to go see them.

Feature Three

The last feature I have for you is the restaurants is Disney. There are more than a hundred restaurants in Walt Disney World. This is unique because most resorts don't have that many, it makes it a place because they are all unique restaurants, it affects the people because they see them so they go eat at them



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