The Maze Runner Theme

By samantha zheng

Statement of Theme

Most things in life come at a cost

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Citation One

"He trailed of and started walking forward in the direction of the cliff slowly as if in trance. Thomas watched in detached awe he couldn't believe his eyes."Alby"? Newt said."Get back here." Instead of responding, Alby took off running he headed straight for the pack of grievers between him and the cliff."(Dashner 332-333)

What It Shows

This shows that Alby was willing to sacrifice himself to save the lives of the gladers. When Alby's sacrifice fails Thomas realizes that the grievers kill more than one glader a day. Alby's sacrifice shows his bravery a reveals that he was too afraid of escaping the maze.
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Citation Two

"The blade windmilled, It's every turn visible to Thomas, as if the world had turned to slow motion. As if it did for the sole purpose if allowing him to feel the terror of seeing such a thing.On the knife came flipping over and straight at him. A strangled cry forming in his throat he urged himself to move but he couldn't. Then inexplicably Chuck was there diving in front of him."(Dashner 355-356)

What It Shows

When Gally threw a knife at Thomas, Chuck jumped in and sacrificed himself to save the life of Thomas. This shows how he was a true friend with Thomas. This event in the story reveals his bravery because it takes a lot of courage to sacrifice yourself.

Citation Three

"Thomas heard Newt screaming something from behind him."Don't do it, Tommy Don't you bloody do it!" The rods on the right wall seemed to reach like stretched out arms for their ome, grasping for those little holes that would serve as their resting place for the night. The crunching, grinding sounds of the doors filled the air, deafening. Five feet. Four feet. Three. Two. Thomas knew he had no choice. He moved. Forward. He squeezed past the connecting rods at the last second and stepped into the maze."

What It Shows

When The Doors started closed Thomas struggled whether he should save Alby and Minho. Thomas ran into the maze to save them even though he had a small chance of surviving. This shows that Thomas was brave. Even though Newt told Thomas not to go into the maze he still went into the maze.

Explanation of how the theme is universal

This theme is universal because in life not everything in life is free. Some things in life come at a cost just like how Thomas, Chuck, Alby had to risk their lives to save someone else's. This theme is universal because in real life not everything is free and usually comes at a cost.