Hitler's Nazi Army

Many people looked up to Hitler

Did all of Hitler's soldiers agree with him and the politics

Not all of Hitlers soldiers agreed with him

Some soldiers that promised Hitler they would be his soldiers lied and brought back troops to try and kill him. So Not all of Hitler's Soldiers agreed with him, and tried to kill him.
One person put a bomb in Hitlers briefcase to try and kill him. He obviously was a bad man if people were trying to kill him so why keep doing things that people don't like and that are wrong?
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Many people did things to try and stop Hitler

Some people in small towns created these small Anti-Nazi organizations trying to convince people that Hitler was wrong. Those same Anti-Nazi groups that people created would hang out little booklets explaining why Hitler was wrong. Some people who didn't like Hitler had different approaches and tried to assassinate him.
The Men Who Tried To Kill Hitler

How did hitler become so powerful

He promised everybody better changes. He became president and gained everybody's trust and respect. He also had many rally's to gain support.