school lunch

join me and we will rise

lunch now

There are mini burgers and beans but they have no flavor. There are fries but the are not good to the kids they just play around in the lunch room with them. They eat chips instead of the food they serve in the lunch room

The result of this change

There will be less food on the floor. They would finish there plates. They would see the that people would finish there food .

The lunch they could serve

They could make spaghetti with meat balls or some nice French fries .That way the eat every thing in there plates. They could also serve nice big burgers. They could also serve spicy roasted chicken.

Changes that could happen

dress code

  1. you could only have the shirt not the pants
  2. there you could have more freedom of speech
  3. there are more optional choses of clothes


  1. That way you can learn more
  2. You could be more ELA and S.S