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Mrs K's UPDATES - MARCH 2023

March 2023

March -Let's welcome Spring Season. The weather should start warming up soon and we will get to enjoy outdoor activities. This month we will be learning the following two tools from our Toolbox Curriculum; "Taking Time Tool" and "Please and Thank you Tool". Taking time tool tagline is "I take time in and take time away" and Please and thank you tool tagline is ""I treat others with kindness and appreciation"

Books to Read


Taking Time Tool "I take time-in and time-away" There are many helpful ways to use time intelligently for one's well-being and the wellbeing of others. When we choose how to use our time we can be more effective. Stepping back and Taking Time Away renews our resiliency.Taking Time-Away allows us to physically remove or distance ourselves from the heat of the conflict, allowing us space to calm down and understand how we are feeling and thinking. Taking Time-In (within ourselves) to self-reflect leads to better self-understanding and more authentic connections with others.Taking Time-In means taking some time to check in to see what we need or are feeling. Its an opportunity to think things through or calm down. Taking a Time-In doesn't always require physical removal from a situation; it is more of a turning inward in order to have a period of self reflection.

Please and Thank You Tool "I treat others with kindness and appreciation". "Please" and "thank you" are magic words that help people feel good. Expressing gratitude and giving thanks are basic principles of kindness and generosity. This opens the doorway to intimacy and caring relationships. When added politely to a request, the word "please" encourages other to be helpful and kind. Saying 'thank you" lets people know you value them. These simple words create warm connections with others.

Important Dates

THURSDAYS - Early Release 1pm


March 20th -25th Spring Break

March 27th -31st Book Fair

Counseling Resources

Our community offers a wealth of resources to support children and their families. Please let me know if you are in need of outside counseling contacts, employment support, food/clothing/utilities, crisis intervention, or any other concerns/questions!