Its Says, I say and So

Its Says

“on average, adolescents in Canada spend almost 35 hours a week in front of a TV or computer screen”

I Say

When I saw this number I was really surprised because this would mean that most kids in Canada spend at least 5 hours on a computer a day. I think that spending all this time on a device really affects your eyesight. This is going to cost a lot of money if they need to get new glasses all the time because they don't take care about their eye. I just think that the kids who spend that much time on a device should have spent it maybe on doing homework, spending time with your family, or playing outside with friends.

and So

This matters because all these kids are going to feel bad that they never got to spend time with there family or friends because they were too busy on their computers, phones and on the tv. I think that the parents should take away their phones at night so that the kid gets a good night sleep and that at a certain time they turn off the internet. I think that kids should go outside at least 1 hour each day. When they are outside i think that they shouldn't bring any devices like phones so that they just focus on having fun with their friends.